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As a world traveler, a collector of memorabilia, a paranormal enthusiast and a fan of the arts, Thomas Lee Bottom is a unique individual, to say the least. As a native Texan, Bottom's past successes in the world of finance and investments has allowed him the financial freedom to do with his life whatever he chooses. But unlike others who have been fortunate enough to find themselves in the same position, Bottom chooses to give back in an extremely unique fashion. As an avid supporter of independent music and film, Bottom is constantly scouting the world for innovative independent artists with a trademark style that deserve the chance to be seen and heard. In addition to attending live events in the U.S. and abroad, as a firm believer in the power of social media, Bottom is also extremely active in the online space. In fact, to date, Bottom has financially backed 45 different independent film and music projects on the popular crowd-sourcing websites "Kickstarter" and "Indiegogo". And while Bottom admittedly sets the bar high in regard to those he chooses to support, in a modern entertainment business that has completely abandoned the process of developing talent over time in order to reach both artistic and financial fruition, to those who gain Bottom's support, his belief in "fostering" talent, rather than "flipping" it, sets him a part from the pack as a true angel investor. And last, but not least, in addition to supporting artists, Bottom is also an avid sports fan that is actively involved with several local athletic teams in his home city of Reno, Nevada, including the University of Nevada Wolfpack Football and Basketball teams, the Triple A Reno Aces baseball team, the Reno NBA D-League's Reno Bighorns basketball team, and "Reno 1868 FC", the brand new Reno USL soccer team, in which as a season ticket holder for all of these teams, Bottom attends as many games as time allows.

"People have no idea how much talent, time, work, resources and yes, money, that it takes to do and make indie projects that people will notice and hopefully enjoy. Helping indie artists means you have direct contact and input in the creative process, which means you are a part of making their thoughts, ideas and dreams a reality," says Bottom. "Living in the internet age makes it easier than ever to get the work out there, but it also means it has to be special work that people care about, as the playing field is incredibly saturated. You have to believe in yourself. It starts there. I also enjoy working directly with the people who are the creators of the art. The visionaries. If I want to help bring something to life, I'm not interested in having to go through committees or corporate bureaucracy."

After meeting and and hanging out at several of Chad Calek's live film presentation and paranormal events throughout 2011 and 2012, it was the San Francisco touring release of Calek's A BLOOD RED SKY documentary that truly sold Bottom only Calek's abilities as a documentarian with a trademark film style, in which Bottom publicly stated on his Facebook page that "A BLOOD RED SKY was Calek's best work to date. But in addition to Calek impressing Bottom with his unique filmmaking vision, after viewing A BLOOD RED SKY, Bottom was equally impressed with the talents, work ethic and on-screen abilities of Joe Ansley and Justin Holstein, who make up not only Calek's paranormal investigative team, but also his filmmaking team. In 2013, through a twist of fate that seemed to be planned by destiny, on the back of several sold out tours and the pending DVD release of AMERICAN GHOST HUNTER, at a time where Calek desperately needed help in managing the growth of AGH Television, Bottom stepped into provide guidance, wisdom, encouragement and the finances needed to ensure that the foundation of AGH TV would be stabilized, in which Calek and Bottom immediately began planning for the future.

"When I look back at my career, there are only a few moments that I believe were truly 'defining'. Thomas coming on board as my partner was one of those moments. With his support, advice and vision, long-term goals became suddenly achievable, while life-long dreams became possible," said Calek.

The first official project that Bottom and Calek collaborated on was the 2014 "A BLOOD RED AUSTRALIAN TOUR", which Bottom Executive Produced. Despite the fact that this tour was the first ever visit to Australia by Calek and his team, "A BLOOD RED AUSTRALIAN TOUR" sold out in all six Australian cities nearly one month in advance of the tour's initial start date. Needless to say, without the support of Bottom, this monumental tour would not have occurred. After returning from Australia, Bottom and Calek both knew that there partnership was no accident.
Like peanut butter and jelly... some things just work good together :)

"I don't believe in coincidences," says Bottom "Everyone in your life is there for a reason. At the creative/artistic level, finding the right people to work with successfully just happens. It can't be planned. There's no formula to it. There's no industry secret. The right people just find each other. The 'work' is the most important thing. That's what attracted me to AGH-TV. It was the films and the fact that the AGH team delivers live too. A lot of 'creative types' are not good with the public and can't or won't do public events. AGH is the opposite of that. They deliver the product but also put on a killer live event. In my opinion, they're the best of any group out there. I am honored to be a part of the 'AGH Family' and what's ahead, which will continue to showcase the entire team. I hope everyones ready as we take it to another level!"


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