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Justin Holstein, Mary Beth Wylie, Chad Calek, Laura Calek and Joe Ansley in Las Vegas to celebrate the world television premier of A&E's "THE GHOST PROPHECIES", which chronicled Calek and team's investigation into the legends of the St. James Hotel in Cimarron, New Mexico. "THE GHOST PROPHECIES" debuted to 1.4 million viewers, making it A&E's highest rated television special of 2012.

 Please note that AGH TELEVISION is a 100 percent independent digitial distrbution website that WILL REMAIN COMMERCIAL AND ADVERTISING FREE for as long as AGH TV exists. The sole purpose of the website was to provide a distribution platform that cuts out the corrupt third party Hollywood middleman distributor, thus allowing Chad (and future filmmakers that will be added to the AGH TV roster) the option and ability to produce films directly for fans of their work... rather than making films for corporations that claim ownership of the artist's intellectual property, only to censor that property in an effort to sell products that the artist has no affiliation.

WE FIRED HOLLYWOOD: While countless independent artists are still playing the "shopping game", in which they take their movies to Hollywood studios to see if they will be offered a distribution deal that will literally screw them into poverty, we have chosen to stand on our own two feet. Hollywood has had the chance for years to do the right thing with independent filmmakers, yet they consistently chose to leverage, lie, cheat and steal from them.

Because of that... they're fired.

The bottom line is that in today's world, as demonstrated by the ongoing success of AGH TV, we no longer have to be held hostage to the personal contacts of a few dozen people that control the whole of the entertainment industry distribution arena. We have the web. We have talent. We have films. We have you. And now, thankfully, we have AGH TV to bring it all together and connect us all under one roof. With that being said, for your time, support, attention and belief... we thank you all. AGH TV is a special place, in which independent artists are able to breath, bleed and express themselves in a way that is beholden to the truth... not a commercial. It's a place of dignity and pride. It's a place that we feel you'll come to call home, as we have over the years. For your support, we are forever in your debt. Your your interest we are forever thankful. For your time, we are incredibly fortunate. Thank you, my friend. Enjoy the movies."

                        - Chad Calek, AGH TV Creator and Award-Winning Director