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CURRENT POSITION: Musician, Talent Manager and AGH Television Partner

As a career musician and touring artist, Curt Smith has been making music with his band, Tears For Fears, and as a solo artist, for over 30 years. In addition, Smith has also managed Chad Calek’s career as a musician and a filmmaker for 15 years. As an avid supporter of online independent distribution of both music and film, and as an active member of the social media movement that has empowered artists to have a public voice associated with their art, Calek first came to Smith in 2012 with his vision for AGH Television, in which Smith was an immediate supporter of the concept of an online original film distribution channel that catered to specific programming created by a trademark-style filmmaker. Although AGH Television has gone through many changes to keep up with technological advances of the online world, with Smith’s support, Calek launched the earliest version of AGH Television January of 2013.

"Over the course of the 15 years that I’ve known Curt, as my manager, he has passionately fought to protect my creative vision. As a friend, while suffering moments of self-doubt, he has urged me to hold on to my dreams and to keep fighting with all I have, no matter what. And as an example, he’s demonstrated what is possible if you do."
- Chad Calek, AGH TV Creator and Director

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