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Throughout the course of my 25-year career as a professional filmmaker, musician, reality television personality and paranormal investigator, I've been fortunate enough to experience many of my childhood dreams. But what those experiences have taught me, above all else, is that I'm a natural born storyteller who truly enjoys sharing the memories I've made and the lessons I've learned throughout my life.

Simply put, regardless of the medium... I love a good story. 

Whether it's delivered in a documentary, a poem, a song or embedded within an episode of the IN A CROWDED ROOM PODCAST, if shared with passion, color an honesty by enough people who were touched by its parable, a story can become "more".


It can transcend a memory into to a tale told, until one day, it becomes legend and lore. 

And at the peak of its ability, a great story can do more than just captivate. Even if for a brief time, it can provide you with an escape.


That is why I created the IN A CROWDED ROOM PODCAST. 

To be there for you, which is you being there for me. 


Because after all... what value does a story hold without an audience?


So kick back and enjoy, my friends.


Welcome to the room.


- Chad Calek

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