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David Dinerstein

President of D Squared Films

Co-Founder of Paramount Classics
Former President of Worldwide Marketing and Distribution for Lakeshore Entertainment
Former President of LD Entertainment
Former Senior Vice President of Marketing for Fox Searchlight
Former Head of Marketing for Miramax

In addition to winning the Academy Award in 2020 for producing the Best Documentary "Summer Of Soul." David Dinerstein is one of the most accomplished industry executives and has been responsible for distributing some of the most significant independent films in the past 20 years. He has built and managed several independent companies from their inception, including Fox Searchlight and Paramount Vantage. He started his career as the head of marketing at Miramax where he oversaw the campaigns for many iconic films including "Pulp Fiction," "The Piano," "The Crow," and "Clerks". His films have garnered over 90 Academy Award Nominations and 15 Academy Awards including those for "American Hustle" and "Her." Dinerstein helped launch the careers of numerous iconic filmmakers including Quentin Tarantino, Steven Soderberg, Paul Greengrass, Justin Lin, Sofia Coppola, Baz Luhrman, Jane Campion and Kevin Smith, just to name a few.

Another filmmaker that Dinerstein believes in... is Chad Calek.

While Dinerstein is not an official owner or partner of AGH Television, as a long time supporter of Calek's work, Dinerstein has acted as a consultant to Calek for nearly a decade. In fact, Dinerstein was the architect of the past and current unique distribution strategy for Calek's trademark style of documentary, which between 2013-2014, Dinerstein represented Calek's work to an elite list of mainstream Hollywood distributors. While there were several offers from traditional distributors that Calek could have accepted, Dinerstein's suggested patience and persistence eventually paid off in January of 2015 with a tailor-made distribution agreement with leading Indie distributor GRAVITAS VENTURES.

"The first time I ever met with David was nearly eight year ago, in which I left the meeting with an incredible amount of hope and excitement. Rather than telling me what I needed to change in order to reach a more 'mainstream' audience, David simply wanted to know what my goals were. He wanted to know what I viewed as 'success'. He never once even suggested that I change anything about my films, my style or my approach to delivering the message of my films to my fans. David left that meeting telling me that he would do everything in his power to find a situation that worked for me, so that I could release my films to the world on my terms. And that's exactly what he did, which still blows my mind, as David did not have to work with me for any reason. David is in league with the titans of Hollywood, because he's one of those titans, while I'm just a kid from Iowa that's trying to change the world with my documentaries. For this reason, the best compliment I could offer to David, would be to state the obvious, which is that all of this is a true story." - Chad Calek

Currently Dinerstein is the President of D Squared Films, a full service company that specializes in film marketing and distribution. D Squared Films also handles financial planning, publicity, awards, promotions, acquisitions, international sales and overall strategic planning.

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