Jul 26

A Night with Chad Calek, Sir NoFace, and the Ghosts of the Mounds Theatre

Written by  Ansley Grams
chadThe Paramerican Summer Tour, promoting a brand-new paranormal documentary film called Sir NoFace by award-winning director Chad Calek, stopped off at St. Paul's Mounds Theatre on its way through the Twin Cities last week. The touted documentary promised "definitive proof ghosts exist," and there was no way I was going to pass this one up.

The Bigger They Are . . . Chad Calek is a big guy. He has a big voice, makes big movements. He talks big too. Due to communication delays concerning arrival time, I walked into the pre-event for Sir NoFace late. I tried to creep discreetly to my seat, but as it turned out, that caution wasn’t necessary. If I had walked in with a marching band on fire, I still don’t think it would have pulled the attention from Calek.  READ FULL ARTICLE HERE
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