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standby for the official website relaunch




Hello, my friends! 


Welcome to the WWW.AGHTELEVISION.COM website, which is currently under construction with a summer relaunch date tentatively scheduled for June 18th, 2023!


In addition to being the online destination that hosts all information surrounding the entire “AGH Films”catalog of original short and feature-length documentaries from yours truly (Award-Winning Documentary Filmmaker Chad Calek), Executive Producer Thomas Lee Bottom, and Producer Justin Holstein, which includes AMERICAN GHOST HUNTER, THE FIRST AMITYVILLE, A BLOOD RED SKY, TRUTHER, SIR NOFACE, TWO FACE: THE GREY, 74 MINUTES and many more. 


And for those looking forward to our new releases, upon relaunch, our new AGH TELEVISION website will also have the latest news and information on several exciting new features coming your way in the second half of 2023, including our forthcoming “A HOUSE IN THE HARBINGER KINGDOM” original three-part docuseries, plus an additional surprise feature film announcement to be made on June 18th as well!


In addition, our redesigned website will also showcase both new and vintage AGH TELEVISION merchandise options, such as past and future tour posters, event posters, fitted embroidered hats, live event t-shirts and more. 


And for those of you who wish to take a visual tour of AGH’s growth and expansion over the years, visitors will also be able to freely stream and enjoy videos dating back to 2000 in our brand new AGH Television “FREE SCREENING ROOM” section of the new website. 


These free videos will include multiple short film documentaries and features from early on in my career, countless music videos, film trailers, commercials, past tour promo videos, past and future personal vlogs and additional announcement videos of landmark moments in AGH Television’s history. 


And as we continue to prepare for the relaunch of our new AGH TELEVISION site, don’t forget that right now, you can stream AMERICAN GHOST HUNTER, A BLOOD RED SKY, SIR NOFACE, TWO FACE: THE GREY, PHANTOM RIDER and my most recent documentary, titled 74 MINUTES, on all of the major streaming outlets, such as Amazon Prime, AppleTV, Vudu, RedBox, Hulu, Fandango, TubiTV, PlutoTV, FuboTV, Roku, Gravitas Pictures, YouTube TV, YouTube Movies, Vimeo On Demand, Google Play, SlingTV, Discovery Plus and everywhere else films are streamed. 


With that being said, keep in mind that all of these additions represent merely the tip of the iceberg when it comes to our new design elements. 


And lastly, to those of you that have been following my personal journey via my social media pages, I thank you all for your prayers and well-wishes. 


As promised, you’ll soon learn all of the details surrounding my injuries with the 2023 release of “A HOUSE IN THE HARBINGER KINGDOM”. 


But rest assured that the time it’s taking to restore my health is also being used to take AGH Films to the next level, as I’ve rarely had the opportunity to just focus on make this company as strong as it can become. So as I’m facing the final two months of my rehabilitation plan, please know I will never forget what it’s taken to get this far, as without being so incredibly inspired by so many of you, I don’t think I would have ever found what I needed to rebuild who I am…both physically and spiritually. 


And you will see this represented not only in all that my team and I do as individuals, but moving forward… in everything we do as a company. 


With that being said, we’ll see you all in June for the relaunch!


Until then… much love and all the best. 


⁃    Chad Calek
     AGH Director

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