The Missing Element PPV

  • Directed by: Chad Calek
  • Producers: Chad Calek, Mary Beth Wylie
  • Release Date: Monday, 03 February 2014


In the months leading up to the filming of AMERICAN GHOST HUNTER (also known as “AGH”), a series of disturbing events began occurring around AGH Director Chad Calek, not only in his home, but anywhere that he would travel. Af first, Calek chalked the unexplained phenomena up to nothing more than stress and apprehension about moving forward with the filming of AMERICAN GHOST HUNTER. But after the death of not one, not two, but three members of Calek’s family came on the heels of a series of warnings from all too recognizable harbinger, Calek could no longer chalk the events up to his mind’s desire. But instead of running, Calek chose a far more familiar path. He chose to document every last bizarre event leading up to his terrifying return to Iowa. The result was the AGH: THE MISSING ELEMENT documentary, which also serves as the official “prequel” to AMERICAN GHOST HUNTER. Filled with truly paranormal footage that stretches far beyond night shot in dark rooms, AGH: THE MISSING ELEMENT is a must see for anyone who has viewed AMERICAN GHOST HUNTER, as there more to this story of AGH than one could possibly ever imagine.

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