The Curse of Billy PPV Featured

  • Directed by: Chad Calek
  • Producers: Chad Calek, Mary Beth Wylie
  • Release Date: Friday, 16 March 2012


Whether referenced in religious doctrines or utilized by the press as a pop-culture phenomena, a large percentage of the world's living population, at any given time in history, has believed in “the curse”. But why? Is there any scientific information that one can point to in order to establish that curses are genuine? Is it possible that a belief system can spawn a supernatural energy that can force a pre-destined outcome for eternity? And if not, then why has the belief in curses stood the test of time? is it all superstition? Or is a curse simply a force of nature that defies reason and rationale? THE CURSE OF BILLY attempts to answer these questions by delving head first into several of the world’s most prolific and historic curses. From Voodoo to the Kennedy family to the Chicago Cubs and beyond, the final resolve is as terrifying as it is fascinating, as THE CURSE OF BILLY is a "must see” for fans of Calek’s investigative documentaries.

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