Terror Normal PPV

  • Directed by: Chad Calek
  • Producers: Chad Calek
  • Release Date: Friday, 16 March 2012


Are ghosts real? It’s a simple question that’s incredibly difficult to answer. But with that in mind, Chad Calek set out to answer this question once and for all by spending eight days and nights locked inside Louisville, KY’s Waverly Hills Sanatorium, which is largely considered to be the most haunted location in the United States. With five stories and 180,000 square feet of allegedly haunted real estate, Calek and a team of two additional ghost hunters would spend nearly 100 hours monitoring the halls of Wavely Hills, in which the results were mind-bending, as Calek and team captured over 30 pieces of “class A” evidence, including full-bodied apparition thermal footage, objects being thrown and massive hovering lights being filmed outside of entrance of Waverly. In response to this activity, Calek then invited six additional skeptic “rookie” ghost hunters who do not believe in ghosts, to join him for four more nights of ghost hunting at Waverly Hills. Why? Simply because Calek wanted to see how long they would last inside of the most active haunted location he had ever investigated to date. What occurred next… is something you simple have to see to believe. Part 1 of Chad Calek’s now “cult classic” ghost hunting documentary, TERROR NORMAL: THE GHOSTS OF THE WAVERLY HILLS SANATORIUM, is available to watch right now on AGH TV pay per view!

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