Russian Red PPV

  • Directed by: Chad Calek
  • Producers: Chad Calek
  • Release Date: Friday, 16 March 2012


Director Chad Calek's RUSSIAN RED is classic amongst fans of Calek’s AGH TV investigative documentary series. Why? Because within RUSSIAN RED, Calek boldly states (with great conviction) that he has solved the mystery of the "Dyatlov Pass Incident", which occurred on February 2, 1959, when Igor Dyatlov led a team of trained hikers just north of the Ural mountains, only to be mysteriously slaughtered by what appeared to be multiple unexplained methods of execution, leaving scientists, ancient astronaut theorists and historians puzzled for decades. Did Igor Dyatlov and his team come under attack by UFOs while camping? Or did a local tribal "curse" bring about their bloody demise? Or is it possible, as many from the area believe, that Dyatlov's team crossed paths with the Yeti (the Russian version of Bigfoot), in which they were literally ripped apart as they attempted to descend Mt. Otorten? And if all of these theories are nothing more than urban legend, then why did a soviet team of investigators conclude that an "unknown compelling force" took the lives of not only Dyatlov, but his entire team of highly skilled hikers? Calek claims the truth is hidden deep within the details, as Calek offers up several NEW pieces of forensic evidence sourced from the photography of the victim's remains, while also offering up countless never before considered clues that come not from Russia's "Mountain of the Dead", but from the other side of the world, at a "twin pass" found at the base of Washington's Mt. Adams. In short, if you're a fan of UFOs, murder mysteries, the paranormal or Calek's signature style of storytelling, you're in for a treat. Simply put, RUSSIAN RED is one of the best films that Calek has ever released as a part of his AGH TV series of investigative documentaries.

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