Shepherds PPV

  • Directed by: Chad Calek
  • Producers: Chad Calek
  • Release Date: Tuesday, 19 March 2013


To those who would prosecute them, they were nothing more than psychopaths attempting to control the weak. But to the men and women who followed them, they were more. They were Gods. So what defines the fabric of a cult leader? Are they nothing more than salesmen with a gift to manipulate? Or are they more gifted than the average human? SHEPHERDS delves into the lives of four different cult leaders, cross-referencing the details of their lives, in order to not only determine the genesis of their madness, but also the methods in which they built their own alternative societies. The end result is a new profile for each cult leader, in which an ever present connection that has been hidden until now, is finally revealed. What is that connection? You’ll have to watch Chad Calek’s SHEPHERDS to find out.

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