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- Chad, Justin & Joey





FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (SANTA MONICA, CA): After watching the sun go down with Laura during the golden hour last night, I had the chance to play around with my time lapse function on my new iPhone 6 Plus, which I'm IN LOVE with. In this video, I'm time lapsin' from a stretch of the public dog park that runs adjacent to my place, which we joking call "my office", as I end up taking a lot of my calls from there.

So when I'm not at the edit bay... this is where I spend most of the my time. Also, this street runs directly into Bay St., which is legendary amongst the skateboarding community, as Bay St. is where the original Dogtown Z-Boys created and perfected "freestyle" skateboarding, which would soon change the world. Years later, kids are still riding their boards down Bay St., attempting to pull off tricks that Tony Alva, Jay Adams, Stacy Peralta, Kevin Cahill and the rest of Z-Boys created in between chasing girls and passing joints.

What a time that must have been. What a city. What a story.

I love me some Santa Monica.

- Chad


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (PERSIA, IA): Before shooting any film, I always take a few days to shoot a few "test shots" in order to find the film's "voice". Anyone can tell a story. But the tone, speed, music, color and cadense will determine the emotional impact of the subject matter, which will determine if you will be able to effectively connect with the viewer.

This cannot be taught in film school. You can buy as many cameras as you want and break the bank on your edit bay, but there's no "give my film a voice that works" button that one can push. It's something all of the greats have. That voice. That signature. That "thing" that makes their film not a film... but an extension of who they are.

For example, if Tarantino, Kubrick, P.T.A., Lee and Wes Anderson all made a film from the same script, and I can promise you they would each have their own unique "voice" that's native to their vision, in which they would all be powerfully effective in their method of storytelling.

So if that "voice" can't be purchased, how did they each find their unique voice?

The answer is quite simple. All of those filmmakers represent the magic that occurs when god-given talent meets a biblical f'ing work-ethic. And if you gave them each a RED CAM or a shity shoulder mounted VHS camera, no matter what, you're going to get an amazing film. Why? Because talent superceeds equipment... and it always will.

"So Chad... are you honestly saying that equipment doesn't matter at all?"

I'm saying ideas are not "shat" by expensive cameras and software. The job of the equipment is to polish the work... not create it. I'm saying that all the elbow grease in the world won't polish a turd into a diamond.

And while I don't dare put myself in the same class of Director as Tarantino, Kubrick, P.T.A., Lee or Wes Anderson (as my story has just begun to be written), my respect for their work ethic is endless.

They are why you do the extra work. They are why you shoot 26 test shots before you find the right "voice" to share your truth with the world.

Simply put... "they" are "why".

Rant over ;)

Enjoy "TEST SHOT NO. 2" for "AMERICAN GHOST HUNTER", which was shot two years before principle photography began.

Much love, my friends.

- Chad

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (ALNWICK, ENGLAND): Click play below to watch addition footage from Chad Calek's "A BLOOD RED SKY" documentary! In this clip, Chad talks about his fear of death, why the "A BLOOD RED SKY" documentary was worth his time to create and much more.

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Also, for a limited time, you can purchase the "A BLOOD RED SKY" DOUBLE-DISC DVD SET for only $13.99 by CLICKING HERE!

Enjoy this clip and THANK YOU for supporting independent art!


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (CIMARRON, NM): Click PLAY to watch PART 1 of the "AGH PRESENTS: RETURN TO THE ST. JAMES" video recap, which includes a segment we're calling "MELINDA'S GHOST", as someone or some "thing" at the Cimarron Old Jail seems to be taking quite an interest in Melinda Wenzel, who is an attendee of "RETURN TO THE ST. JAMES". In this segment, as Melinda is explaining a bizarre event that occured upon her exiting the jail, one of the most incredible E.V.P.s we've ever heard is captured on Justin Holstein's Cannon 5D, which has Melinda directly in focus in front of the camera.

Two things make this E.V.P. as incredible as it is unexplainable.

1.) TIMING: This E.V.P. captured is in perfect time for a natural response to Justin's question of "what happened?"

2.) INTELLIGENT RESPONSE: The E.V.P. says "PUSHED ME", followed by a gasp of air. Not only does this answer make sense in response to Justin's question, but this is also is a perfect explanation to Melinda's confusion as to what happened with the door inside the jail. The voice seems to be responding to both Justin and Melinda at the same time.

3.) THE ACCENT: If you listen closely, the voice has an accent, which to our knowledge, nobody else on site had any sort of accent that could match the voice. There is an attendee standing next to Melinda as well, in which once you hear her talk, it becomes obvious the accent and the tone of the E.V.P. "voice" are not a match.

4.) PURE VOLUME: The most compelling aspect of this E.V.P., is that it's EXTREMELY loud. In fact, it's much louder than even Melinda, which is standing directly in front of the camera. Since volume is an indicator of proximity, the E.V.P. (which is spoken word) implies that whomever is saying "PUSHED ME" would have to be EXTREMELY close to Justin. In fact, their mouth would literally need to be within a foot of the camera's mic in order to captured a spoken phrase at that volume level.

After spending quite a bit of time with this clip, we simply cannot explain the presence of the "PUSHED ME" voice and the "gasping" sound the follows it.

But that's just our opinion. CLICK PLAY on this video, give it a watch and tell us what YOU think!

Much love, all the best and thank you all for your support!




FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (CIMARRON, NEW MEXICO): As a documentarian filmmaker, I'm always looking for the edge when it comes to a cell phone camera, as you simply never know when something exciting, unique or entertaining is going to happen. After reading up on many different options, the new iPhone 6 PLUS received rave reviews for not only the video quality, but the new settings that are stock, such as 240 fpm slow motion option, and on the other side of the spectrum, a built in "time lapse" setting. So once my contract was up, I swapped the old "5c" with the new "6 PLUS", and on my way to Cimarron I went, in which I had my first chance to test out the "time lapse" setting during our annual St. James poker tournament that we hold every time we host an event at the St. James.

Below is a panorama photo and the result of both the "time lapse" test AND the poker game.

- Chad Calek



FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (CIMARRON, NEW MEXICO): On Feb. 19th-22nd, AGH Core Unit Investigative team members Chad Calek, Justin Holstein and Joe Ansley hosted their weekend-long "AGH ADVENTURES PRESENTS: THE RETURN TO THE ST. JAMES" paranormal retreat at the St. James Hotel in Cimarron, NM, which was their fourth paranormal event held at the historically haunted hotel since the filming of A&E's "THE GHOST PROPHECIES" in June of 2012. For those that are aware of the incredible histroy of The St. James Hotel, you know that this location's lore and legend are unlike anywhere else in the world. For those of you that are unaware of the haunted (and living) history of The St. James Hotel, you can watch "THE GHOST PROPHECIES" on AGH TV PAY PER VIEW by CLICKING HERE, which will give you not only a historical survey of the hotel and its surroundings, but you'll also see why this location was seemingly constructed around Calek's beliefs and experiences. And to thsoe who have asked online, yes, this is the hotel in which their was a long-standing belief that a ghost with the ability to kill human beings existed in Room 18 of the hotel. This is also the same legend that Calek is known for debunking, which is also chronicled in "THE GHOST PROPHECIES".

The "AGH ADVENTURES PRESENTS: THE RETURN TO THE ST. JAMES" paranormal retreat was once again a magical time for all in attendence, in which as it always occurs, anyone who showed up to the St. James as a fan, left the St. James as our friend.

If you've never been to any of our AGH ADVENTURES, we sincerely invite you to join us, as we're confident you'll see why we've consistently sold our paranormal retreats throughout the country over the last six years. And as far as we see it... we're just getting started ;)

Posted below, enjoy several photos below from our "AGH ADVENTURES PRESENTS: THE RETURN TO THE ST. JAMES" paranormal retreat.

And to our attendees at the ST. JAMES, thank you ONCE AGAIN for providing the most important part of the recipe that creates the "magic" at our events... YOU!

Much love and all the best!




FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (CIMARRON, NM): Right now, Chad, Justin and Joey are on their way to the St. James Hotel in Cimarraon, NM, for what will be their fourth weekend-long paranormal investigation event offered at the St. James! For those that are unaware, the St. James Hotel was the subject of the A&E special "THE GHOST PROPHECIES", which featured the entire AGH CORE UNIT investigative team, as they challenged a ghost that was said to have the ability... are you ready for this... to KILL a human being! Well, Calek's still kickin', so you know who won that battle, but the disproving of one story doesn't always discredit the ENTIRE legend, as The St. James Hotel, to this day, is universally considered by the entire team to be one of the top three most haunted locations they've ever investigated.


Coming form this team... those are pretty strong words.


Assuming they have working internet at the St. James this time (which it was a bit sketchy last time), make sure to keep your eyes peeled to the NEW section of AGH TV (the section that you're reading right now) for updates all weekend long, as we chase down the ghosts of the St. James all weekend long!


All the best and THANK YOU for your support!




FOR IMMEDIATELY RELEASE (LOUISVILLE, KY) Is this the legendary "BIG BLACK" of Waverly Hills? For those not familiar with Waverly Hills, it's a five-story, 180,000 square foot former tuberculosis hospital set in the woods of Louisville, KY. For those not familiar with "BIG BLACK", he is said to be one of the largest "shadowmen" in existence. To those not familiar with "shadowmen", they are a classification of ghost reported around the world that are voyeurs. They do not communicate. They do not make sounds and they are often seen for long periods before vanishing. While at Waverly Hills during his first investigation of the legendary sanitorium, at around 3 p.m., Chad Calek noticed what appeared to be a massive black figure on the fourth floor. Initially thinking it was just a trick of light on his eyes (as the corridors are very deep when looking up from gournd level), Calek was a bit taken back by the darkness of the object, especially considering it was in the middle of the afternoon on a sunny day. Once the subject leaned forward, Calek was startled to the point of quickly backward while trying to grab his Cannon EOS 30D, which was slung over his shoulder. Realizing that this was more than a trick of light, Calek fired off several shots, in which before the object dissapeared, Calek did capture one single frame from of the object in question (SEE PHOTO BELOW).

Posted below are four color enhancements of the photo taken by Calek, which clearly demonstrate what appeasrs to be a large male figure leaving over the corridor's edge. Based on this photograph, as well as two additional video thermal hits of a massive unknown figure filmed wondering in the same vicinity as the subject in this photogtaph (which we'll release in the future as well), Calek has publically stated that he believes this photo is in fact "BIG BLACK".

What do you think? Did Calek photograph "BIG BLACK"? Do you know of any other known photos of the legendary "Big Black" shadowman that were taken at Wavely Hills? If so, let us know and we'll post your photo for everyone to see!

We hope you enjoyed this photo! More investigation goodies are coming soon!




FROM THE "AGH TV" VAULT: JUSTIN LOSES IT AT THE AXE MURDER HOUSE! In this clip, after hearing reports of "red glowing eyes", AGH Core Unit member Justin Holstein, AGH Core Unit member Joe Ansley and AGH investigator Lee Anderson descend into the basement of the Villisca Axe Murder House. Once down there, Justin slowly approached the pitich-black corner of the room to the exact spot that the "red glowing eyes" were reported to be seen. As Justin gets almost face to face with the wall, a single red glowing eye appears to open, in which Justin proceeds to lose his f*cking mind, causing everyone else in the room to flip out!

QUESTION: So what did Justin see? Was there actually red "demonic" glowing eyes in the basement of the Axe Murder House?

VERDICT: Absolutely not. At the same time Justin was approaching the corner of the basement, Joe (who joined the Justin and Lee late) asks Lee what was reported, in which Lee responds by telling Joe "red glowing eyes" were allegedly seen in the corner of the room. Because it's pitch-black in the room, Lee has no idea where Justin is. So to demonstreate to Joe exactly where the eyes were reported, Lee shoots his red lazer pointer into the corner of the room, where it hits the wall... only inches from Justin's face.

As you can see below, what followed, was an all time EPIC "flip out session" of biblical proportions LOL! A truly EPIC moment in AGH Core Unit history :)

Enjoy! More from the vault soon!

- Chad

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (ROCK ISLAND, IL): AGH ADVENTURES, the traveling paranormal retreat division of AGH TELEVISION, has officially announced "AGH ADVENTURES PRESENTS: ARSENAL ISLAND", which is the first ever publically-offered paranormal investigation of ARSENAL ISLAND, the 946-Acre former Civil War Prison that's believed to be haunted by the ghosts of over 1900 confederate soldiers! The event, which will take place on Aug. 21st-23rd, also includes a live concert by Chad Calek's "IN A CROWDED ROOM" and much more! For complete event information, and to get your tickets now, while they last, CLICK THE TEXT AT THE END OF THE VIDEO BELOW or CLICK THE GRAPHIC BELOW!

Thank you all for your support!

We'll keep building 'em if you keep coming!




FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (PASADENA, CA): Back in 2007, while ghost hunting Suicide Bridge in Pasadena, CA, with my friend Syd from TAPS, Laura was filming up at Suicide Bridge when she began saying that she "felt as though something was close to her", as she reported getting the chills and having the hair stand up on the back of her neck. I immediately started firing off photos of her, in which I took 12 in total. Photo No. 5 is what you are looking at in this photo.

I truly have no ideas what this is, as I was using a high shutter speed, which is important, as this "spirit light" (as some call these type of anomales) does not appear in frame No. 4 or No. 6, which is bizarre to say the least.

Other than that, there's not much more than I can add, except that it's puzzling and the timing of Laura's claim as to how she felt, in my mind, added credibility to the possibility that this may be something paranormal.

If you get the chance, visit the park in Pasadena, as it's free and open to the public around the clock. Just park on the street and follow the dirt trail, in which you can't miss the bridge. And with 116 suicides (and counting) below the bridge, trust me when I say you can definitely feel some dark energy from ground level. The main "ghosts" that are supposed to be seen there are a mother and her child, which the mother jumped to her death with the child in her arms. Believe it or not, I believe I actually do have a photo of these two spirits, which I'll post in the future.

Anyways, I just wanted to share this with all of you. Enjoy... and let me know what you think!

All the best and THANK YOU for your support!



FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (LOS ANGELES, CA): AGH Television has officially signed a North American and Canadian distribution agreement with Gravitas Ventures! More information coming soon! THANK YOU ALL FOR YOUR SUPPORT! - AGH TV


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