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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (LOS ANGELES, CA): Hey everyone. Chad here. At the end of tracking the IN A CROWDED ROOM record, I got a chance to show my baby girl Gracie around the studio, in which after checking all the buzzers, bells and whistles our, she immediatey wanted to the play the guitars, in whcih I was happy to help her out :)

More videos coming soon! All the best and Happy Holidays!

- Chad

Dec 22

It's coming...

It's coming...


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (Los Angeles, CA) Click play to listen Chad Calek's IN A CROWDED ROOM cover of the AMERICAN HEADCHARGE single "Loyalty", which features Calek on main vocals and guitar, INDEX CASE frontman Joe Ansley on secondary vocals and additional programming and production by OTEP and DESTROPHY guitarist and producer ARISTOTLE MIHALOPOULOS! For AMERICAN HEADCHARGE fans, you'll notice quite a difference between Calek's IN A CROWDED ROOM cover of "Loyalty" and the original arrangement by AMERICAN HEADCHARGE. So krank it up to 11 and enjoy "Loyalty" by IN A CROWDED ROOM. And stay tuned for MANY announcements on the IN A CROWDED ROOM album release and the BLACKSHEEP documentary!


Dec 16


Hey everyone. I'm probably about 72 hours away from being able to play Gracie some rough mixes of my IN A CROWDED ROOM album, which she has been the biggest inspiration for the entire record and BLACKSHEEP documentary... which you'll all understand once you see the film. In the meantime, I'm doing all I can do to spend every second with her that I'm not working, as it's been a blessing from God to have this much time with my little girl just before Christmas time.

Which brings me to all of you! MERRY CHRISTMAS from ALL OF US here in Iowa!

Thanks for following! I'll check back in soon!

- Chad



All major tracking for the IN A CROWDED ROOM album is now complete! After a quick few days to try and catch up with The Counting Crows, as well as a final day to record second guitar tracks, it's on to IOWA HAWKEYE territory (Iowa City) to mix and master the album with our special guest producer. Who is it? Videos and photos coming soon!



Joe Talks about the reality of getting signed and the trials and tribulations of Index Case. Small clip from the upcoming documentary "Black Sheep".

Dec 12

AGH Sky Cam in Full Effect

Ground Control to major Thomas Lee Bottom... Commencing countdown, engines on. Take your protein pills and put your helmet on!  Filming of Blacksheep has officially been expanded into another dimension.  Thanks major;)

Chad and Joey listen to a playback of a "rough pass" of the IN A CROWDED ROOM song "SMOKE IN THE CLOUDS", which Joey and Josh are re-writing with Chad. As Joey says, "We just keep the good shit of a song and re-write the rest". Indeed, Joey. Indeed.


Chad discusses the IN A CROWDED ROOM song "Cut Off Your Arm Medicine" with Index Case's Josh Parker.


Hangin' with Index Case's Josh Parker to discuss him producing my IN A CROWDED ROOM record, in which before we got into discussing my project, I luckily got the chance to hear some never before released NEW Index Case demos :)

More video updates coming!

- Chad

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: SANTA MONICA, CA: Joey Ansley checks in from Santa Monica, CA, during a break from writing and rehearsing for Chad Calek's forthcoming "IN A CROWDED ROOM" CD, in which the entire process is also being documented for Calek's forthcoming "BLACKSHEEP" feature film, which Ansley will also co-star in.


Laura and Joey hangin' during a break from writing and rehearsing the IN A CROWDED ROOM record. Good times, memories and friends make for a perfect song-writing/filming "sesh".

No shortage of any of those elements here :)

- Chad


Thanks to my good friend and partner Thomas, Christmas came a little early, as we'll be utilizing drone cam technology on all of our films from this point forward... starting with BLACKSHEEP.

If you're going to shoot for the starts, I guess you have to be able to film them (and from them), should you arrive.

What can I say, other than "Wow...Thank you, Thomas".

And to those of you reading this, the tools of the trade just expanded the possibilities, as we now have and entirely new perspective of reality to create our visual from. God help us should we ever decide to go underwater, although James Cameron is way out in front of everyone in that arena! LOL!

- Chad

P.S. Now it's up to Justin to freeze his arse off in the cold ass corn fields of Iowa as he learns to fly this puppy LOL!


It was a day of madness yesterday, as launching our new AGH TV 2.0 website (which you are reading this on), preparing to film Blacksheep and rehearsing for the IN A CROWDED ROOM record, proved to be a task that left Joey and I nothing short of exhausted by 12:30 a.m., in which we chose to just call it a night, get some rest and wake up with fresh thoughts and ideas. The interview sections, specifically, were intense, as I'm learning that when you ask anyone to speak about losing something in their life that they were passionate about, there's a certain hidden pain that comes rushing back to the surface. A pain that when when exposed, changes a person's entire demeanor. I know we're only one day in, but if BLACKSHEEP and IN A CROWDED ROOM continue to follow this path, we're going to have two projects that the viewer and listener will be deeply touched by.

I'll do everything in my power to find the time to upload some vide or photos before I leave for Iowa tomorrow morning. But for now... it's back to the grind!

Much love, everyone!

- Chad