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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (LOS ANGELES, CA) JUST ANNOUNCED! BY REQUEST FROM MANY OF YOU, WE JUST LAUNCHED A 24-HOUR LIMITED TIME SPECIAL OFFER FOR AN "A BLOOD RED SKY" AND "U.F.O. FILES" DVD BUNDLE! You always have to keep your eyes open with us at AGH TV, as you never know when we're going to offer up "goodies" like this one ;) Thank you all for the support and interest! You keep wathching them and we'll keep making them! - AGH TV




FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (LOS ANGELES, CA): Chad Calek's "THE CURSE OF BILLY" documentary is now available to watch online via "AGH TV" PAY PER VIEW! Just click on the PAY PER VIEW tab above and enjoy!

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (LOS ANGELES, CA): "They say you can't sell music anymore... that it all just gets stolen. Maybe so, but I would like to believe that if you put your heart and soul into something, people will appreciate the effort enough to want to see you make another record, so they can hear more of your music. Below is an 'AUDIO SAMPLE' video which includes several previews of different songs from the majority of my forthcoming "IN A CROWDED ROOM: HALF AS TALL, PULLING TO GET AWAY" album, which will be released on CD on February 18th. If you enjoy what you hear and want to prove the th world wrong about everyone stealing music, instead of appreciating the work that goes into creating an album, you can support my goal to keep making records by pre-ordering the "IN A CROWDED ROOM: HALF AS TALL, PULLING TO GET AWAY" album by CLICKING HERE.

Thank you for your time, interest and support.

- Chad


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (LOS ANGELES, CA) - Posted below is PART 1 of the trailer to Award-Winning Documentary Filmmaker Chad Calek's forthcoming BLACKSHEEP documentary. Calek will be releasing a statement soon about the BLACKSHEEP projects as whole. But in the meantime, please click play on the video below to watch PART 1 of the OFFICIAL TRAILER to Chad Calek's forthcoming "BLACKSHEEP" documentary, titled "THE STRAW KILLED THE CAMEL". If you would like, please feel free to leave your comments below, as Chad will be checking the page daily. THANK YOU FOR SUPPORTING INDEPENDENT FILM!

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (LOS ANGELES, CA) Hey everyone! Hard at work on the BLACKSHEEP trailer, in which I've decided to make the first trailer a 2-part project. Why? As you'll see, this is a special project to all of us that we feel is unlike not only anything we've ever done... but unlike anything that ANYONE has ever done... which is right where we want to be when it comes to our work and my films. In the meantime, here's some more stills from PART 1 of the BLACKSHEEP trailer. I promise VIDEO is coming very soon!

Much love!

- Chad

FOR IMMEDIATELY RELEASE (LOS ANGELES, CA): Hey everyone! I'm still in the edit cave, working on what will be a six-minute long extended BLACKSHEEP trailer. I know I've already said this, but I truly can't wait for all of you to see this the direction, flavor and overall "style" of BLACKSHEEP, as this is by far the biggest artistic license I've ever granted myself. I think it's safe to say you can place it in the "noir" catefory. Don't get me wrong. I'm not stepping into the world of Von Trier "penis meets vagina" cinema (although it works for Lars are Labeouf). Let's just say if P.T.A. and Bart Cubbins could somehow have a love child, it would probably be the first cousin of BLACKSHEEP ;

Enough jibber jabber.


It's time for a beer. Hugs to you, my friends.

2015. Bring it. Bring it on!

- Chad

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (LOS ANGELES, CA): According to Chad Calek's Twitter feed, the we'll be getting our first chance to see actual footage from Calek's forthcoming BLACKSHEEP documentary. In addition, Calek tweeted that more samples from his forthcoming IN A CROWDED ROOM album will soon be released, along with what he called "HUGE" news. Below are Calek's most recent tweets. - AGH TV

@AGHChad "In my editing cave, in which I'm just about to resurface with the first BLACKSHEEP trailer. My friends... get ready ;)"

@AGHChad "I'll also be releasing some more music samples from my forthcoming "IN A CROWDED ROOM" record within the next 48 hrs."

@AGHChad "Then I'm going to do something I typically NEVER do, which is to take a break from work. 12/30/14 through 1/2/15 will be relax/rebuild time."

@AGHChad "But before I take that break, we'll have another exciting announcement to send us into break."

@AGHChad "And when we come back in Jan. of 2015, we have a major announcement to make that will FOREVER change the face of AGH Television. Buckle up."


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (LOS ANGELES, CA): Krankin' away in my edit cave. But I wanted to come up for air to share a few stills with you. Straight up, BLACKSHEEP is going to be unlike any other film I've ever made... and the early visuals are back that promise up. Enjoy, my friends. More updates soon!

- Chad



If you know Chad Calek well... you know where the inspiration is coming from. BLACKSHEEP is going to take you on a VERY personal journey unlike anything Calek's ever before directed.

Buckle up.


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (LOS ANGELES, CA): During a late night break from the IN A CROWDED ROOM record, Chad had a chance to listen to some new INDEX CASE demos... and yes. The new CASE is f'ing UNREAL! Click play on the video posted below to give it a listen!

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (LOS ANGELES, CA): While mixing the IN A CROWDED ROOM song "Loneliness", Ari stepped out for a break, leaving Chad on the couch, who was noticeably exhausted from eight straight 20-hour work days. At the same time, the song playing, "Loneliness", is about the the time away from your loved ones that you have to sacrifice in order to complete "indie" film and music projects that compete on a major studio or major label level. Quite unintentionally, all of the natural elements of the moment came together with the song, creating the "unplanned" magic of documentaries. And just like that... you "feel" the moment. This is why Calek's only universal rule during the making of documentaries is simple: NEVER STOP FILMING, as you never know when "magic" is going to happen.

"When you feel the moment in the raw footage, the produced footage is going to generate tears. Nothing can compete with authentic emotion captured on film, which is why it's so hard to capture reality. By nature the camera is a 'person', causing very few people to feel comfortable with that invasion of privacy. To counter that invasion, the best remedy is to turn the camera into furniture. Something that's simply always present, until you no longer even know it's there," says Calek. "One of the secrets of the authenticity of our films, which is commented on a lot, is our ability to capture real moments. BLACKSHEEP absolutley goes even a step further in regard to building a film based on reality, rather than altered reality. That is what I am truly excited for everyone to inhale BLACKSHEEP and the IN A CROWDED ROOM record once they are complete."

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (LOS ANGELES, CA): Victory Records recording artist Aristotle Mihalopoulos, who is also the frontman for DESTROPHY and the guitarist for road legends OTEP, sits down to have a discussion with BLACKSHEEP Director of Photography Justin Holstein, who's not only BLACKSHEEP Director Chad Calek's best friend, but also Calek's long-time creative collaborator. In this clip, Ari discusses a past argument he had with Holstein about what makes an artist a "true" artist. Expect to see a TON more of Ari in the BLACKSHEEP documentary!


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (LOS ANGELES, CA): "My singing style isn't technically correct in regard to how I push my vocal chords. If fact, I've only taken two vocal lessons in my life, with two different vocal coaches, and both of them, without knowing each other, stated that I'm a natural baritone. But I write vocal melodies as though I was a tenor, as that is simply the music that God (whoever that is to each of us) allows me to hear when it comes to writing. I guess this is somewhat odd, as it was explained to me that most singers hear the tone and scale of their own voice when writing melodies, where I hear all kinds of music up and down the scale. But what this means is that I wind up singing melodies that are at the very top of my register, which means my natural 'damaging' approach to singing is only made more painful by the fact that also hear melodies that are beyond my natural baritone abilities. Because of this, I have to take an exceptionally long time warming up, as when I first start singing, especially in the morning, I can't hit a single note without feeling that burn in my throat. I'm honestly not sure what I'm doing wrong to make it hurt like it does, but no... it's not fun to warm up. The closest thing I could compare it to would be the process of getting a tattoo. At first, it hurts like shit. It burns. It's nagging, until after a while, it all just goes numb. But once you hit 'numb time', you can let it rip and get down to brass," says Calek. "In this clip, my throat is killing me, which I'm trying to delicately push just hard enough to get to 'numb time', so we can line 'em up and knock them down."

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (LOS ANGELES, CA): This is truly some "bucket list" shit, as very few people in the world will ever get the chance to not only meet their favorite singer and guitar player of all time, but even fewer people get to actually hop on a track with their musical heros. Thankfully, I've been blessed to not only discover INDEX CASE years ago, but they guys are my best friends, in which I co-manage them as well. So when I began making my new IN A CROWDED ROOM record, I knew I wanted at least two "covers" of two different metal bands, in whcih my arrangements would be a drastic and dramatic departure form the original versions. I've just always felt that way about cover songs. Why in the hell would somebody cover a song and simply play it the same way as the original artist arranged it, as that approach (to me), sounds like the artist covering the original is just setting him or herself up for failure. My approach to covers is to always strip them down to the bare bones musically, find the melody in its rawest form, and then begin building a new house with the same foundation. I also believe that artists truly appreciate it with another artist restructures their original songs in a completely new and unique way that honors the talent that wrote the original. In "UNDERWATER", as the original INDEX CASE bridge of the song as it was originally constructed, simply didn't "vibe" with my approach. So rather than force it, I actually wrote and entirely new bridges section that is still very remeniscent of Josh and Joe's writing style. Once I presented them with the ideas, they took it to a whole new level, in which the vocals on the newly written bridge stand at as one of the best sections of any song on the album.

But enough talk... time to listen.

Enjoy IN A CROWDED ROOM's version of INDEX CASE's "UNDERWATER", which features Joe Ansely and Josh Parker of INDEX CASE. In addition, OTEP and DESTROPHY'S Aristotle Mihalopoulos produced this track and added additional samples. Ari... you're the man!

More updates coming soon!

Happy Holidays!

- Chad

What's my "office" while recording the new IN A CROWDED ROOM album? My car, of course.

Why? Because there's no better testing ground than the car stereo when you want to check out the "mix" on each song you just tracked. Pretty? No. Effective? Absolutely!

More pics coming soon! Much love, my friends.

- Chad