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Whether referenced in religious doctrines or utilized by the press as a pop-culture phenomena, a large percentage of the world's living population, at any given time in history, has believed in “the curse”. But why? Is there any scientific information that one can point to in order to establish that curses are genuine? Is it possible that a belief system can spawn a supernatural energy that can force a pre-destined outcome for eternity? And if not, then why has the belief in curses stood the test of time? is it all superstition? Or is a curse simply a force of nature that defies reason and rationale? THE CURSE OF BILLY attempts to answer these questions by delving head first into several of the world’s most prolific and historic curses. From Voodoo to the Kennedy family to the Chicago Cubs and beyond, the final resolve is as terrifying as it is fascinating, as THE CURSE OF BILLY is a "must see” for fans of Calek’s investigative documentaries.

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Oct 26

Terror Normal PPV


Are ghosts real? It’s a simple question that’s incredibly difficult to answer. But with that in mind, Chad Calek set out to answer this question once and for all by spending eight days and nights locked inside Louisville, KY’s Waverly Hills Sanatorium, which is largely considered to be the most haunted location in the United States. With five stories and 180,000 square feet of allegedly haunted real estate, Calek and a team of two additional ghost hunters would spend nearly 100 hours monitoring the halls of Wavely Hills, in which the results were mind-bending, as Calek and team captured over 30 pieces of “class A” evidence, including full-bodied apparition thermal footage, objects being thrown and massive hovering lights being filmed outside of entrance of Waverly. In response to this activity, Calek then invited six additional skeptic “rookie” ghost hunters who do not believe in ghosts, to join him for four more nights of ghost hunting at Waverly Hills. Why? Simply because Calek wanted to see how long they would last inside of the most active haunted location he had ever investigated to date. What occurred next… is something you simple have to see to believe. Part 1 of Chad Calek’s now “cult classic” ghost hunting documentary, TERROR NORMAL: THE GHOSTS OF THE WAVERLY HILLS SANATORIUM, is available to watch right now on AGH TV pay per view!

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Oct 26

The Devil in the Metal PPV


As an expose' on the Satanic Movement, as well as look into the life of Gaahl, a Norwegian black metal artist that has been dubbed “the most evil man alive", Director Chad Calek's controversial THE DEVIL IN THE METAL documentary examines the modern day belief held by many that music, as a stand alone element, can play a pivotal role in providing the courage needed for the disturbed to commit great acts of of violence, such as in the case of the Columbine High School massacre, in which Marilyn Manson’s music was identified as a driving motivational factor behind the horrific actions of Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris. But where such accusation justified? Or did the mask of a monster fit Manson all too well for those who refused to look in the mirror? While attempting to answer these question, THE DEVIL IN THE METAL also delves into the postmodern reemergence of Satanism through the Norwegian Black Metal black metal music sect, which over the course of the last two decades alone, several members of the movement have been charged and convicted for countless murders and church burnings. At the heart of this movement resides Gahhl, a black metal legend that sits on a throne (literally), from which he has publicly called for the genocide of all Christians, as well as the worldwide eradication of Christianity as a whole. But with history demonstrating that millions of records have been sold via the clever usage of marketing campaigns that embrace “Satanism” as a method of tapping into the youthful rebellion of mainstream beliefs and ideals, a series of obvious questions emerge. Is it all just for shock value? Is it all just to sell records? Are are the black metal rumors true? Does an authentic satanic movement exist in Norway, in which black metal artists are attempting to use their music to inspire acts of evil, chaos and violence? Award-Winning Director Chad Calek’s THE DEVIL IN THE METAL documentary demonstrates that the rumors are laced with far more fact than fiction, as Calek's terrifying investigative voyage into the world of satanism culminates with a final scene with Gaahl that is a chilling as anything Calek has ever witnessed.

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Paranormal investigator and documentary filmmaker Chad Calek (Co-Star and Director of A&E's Paranormal State and The Ghost Prophecies) returns to his hometown of Persia, Iowa in hopes to put an end to the 20 year reign of suffering that his family has endured due to an overwhelming amount of intense negative paranormal activity. Armed with the support and paranormal knowledge of best friend and paranormal investigator Ryan Buell (Star and Executive Producer of A&E's Paranormal State) and legendary investigator Lorraine Warren (Amityville, Enfield and more), Calek is determined to not only solve the mysteries as to why the paranormal phenomena initially began, but also to finally bring an end to the activity that has been tormenting his family for over two decades.


  • The Director’s cut of “American Ghost Hunter” with Extra Footage
  • The “AGH: The Missing Element” short film prequel
  • The “AGH: A Bad Dream’s Nightmare” Behind the Scenes
  • The “Index Case: Music of AGH” Featurette Video
  • Listen to audio retrospective files from Chad Calek and Ryan Buell
  • “AGH: The tour” Photography from Sergey and Chad and a hidden video file!
Find out why Chad Calek's AMERICAN GHOST HUNTER is the #1 most-watched paranormal documentary of ALL-TIME on HULU!

Oct 15

The Air Above O'Hare PPV


On Nov. 6th, 2006, "something" happened at Chicago's O'Hare International Airport that would not only defy any rational explanation, but the O'Hare case itself would serve as a pre-curser to a series of events that would lay the ground work for what UFOlogists worldwide have been demanding from government agencies since the early 1900's... DISCLOSURE.

As the third and final U.F.O. documentary of his U.F.O. trilogy of films, Award-Winning Documentarian Chad Calek saved the best for last with THE AIR ABOVE O'HARE. Like hidden pieces to a secret puzzle, the research, facts, photos and video within this documentary paint a portrait of an emerging new world that is seemingly unstoppable. And for those of you who have become accustomed to Calek's "grand finale'" endings to his documentaries, THE AIR ABOVE O'HARE's final sequence delivers in a fashion that is nothing short of mind-blowing. So if you think you've "seen it all" when it comes to U.F.O. footage... think again.

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Oct 15

Russian Red PPV


Director Chad Calek's RUSSIAN RED is classic amongst fans of Calek’s AGH TV investigative documentary series. Why? Because within RUSSIAN RED, Calek boldly states (with great conviction) that he has solved the mystery of the "Dyatlov Pass Incident", which occurred on February 2, 1959, when Igor Dyatlov led a team of trained hikers just north of the Ural mountains, only to be mysteriously slaughtered by what appeared to be multiple unexplained methods of execution, leaving scientists, ancient astronaut theorists and historians puzzled for decades. Did Igor Dyatlov and his team come under attack by UFOs while camping? Or did a local tribal "curse" bring about their bloody demise? Or is it possible, as many from the area believe, that Dyatlov's team crossed paths with the Yeti (the Russian version of Bigfoot), in which they were literally ripped apart as they attempted to descend Mt. Otorten? And if all of these theories are nothing more than urban legend, then why did a soviet team of investigators conclude that an "unknown compelling force" took the lives of not only Dyatlov, but his entire team of highly skilled hikers? Calek claims the truth is hidden deep within the details, as Calek offers up several NEW pieces of forensic evidence sourced from the photography of the victim's remains, while also offering up countless never before considered clues that come not from Russia's "Mountain of the Dead", but from the other side of the world, at a "twin pass" found at the base of Washington's Mt. Adams. In short, if you're a fan of UFOs, murder mysteries, the paranormal or Calek's signature style of storytelling, you're in for a treat. Simply put, RUSSIAN RED is one of the best films that Calek has ever released as a part of his AGH TV series of investigative documentaries.

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Oct 15

Truther PPV


It's been over a decade since the horrific events of 9/11 occurred. Without allegiance to any previous 9/11 conspiracy theory or official report, Award-Winning Director Chad Calek's "TRUTHER" challenges both the 911 Truth Movement and the official report of the 911 Commission by delivering a brand new, shocking explanation (supported 100 percent by footage - not theory) as to what REALLY occurred the morning of Sept. 11th, 2001, at not only "Ground Zero", but also at the Pentagon and in the air above Shanksville, PA.

"I don't deal with conspiracy theories. I deal with conspiracy facts. The truth of 9/11 exists within the frame, as thousands of cameras captured the reality of that fateful day. That's the beauty of film... it has no agenda other than the truth." - Chad Calek, Director of TRUTHER.

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Mar 17

Sky Wide Lies PPV


On October 9th, 2009, N.A.S.A. fired two tactical warhead missinles into the surface of the moon, claiming it was simply an exercise to determine if water existed on the lunar surface. Shortly after, a classified documented from the department of defense was leaked, in which the document confirmed that N.A.S.A. had already discovered water on the lunar surface 13 years earlier, which begged two obvious questions: Did N.A.S.A. lie to us about their reasons for bombing the lunar surface? And if so... who did we bomb?

Award-Winning Director Chad Calek's eye-opening SKY WIDE LIES documentary exposes one of the greatest conspiracies ever perpetrated by the N.A.S.A. space program, with the assistance of the U.S. military. Not only will you be astonished by the facts uncovered in Calek's expose on the "moon bombing" of 2009, but you will also never look at the moon the same way again.

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1992: THE U.S.O. INCIDENT" delves deep in to the mass U.F.O. and U.S.O. sightings of Marina Del Rey, CA, the 1942 "Battle of Los Angeles" U.F.O. military engagement and Award-Winning Filmmaker Chad Calek's first ever U.F.O. sighting over the coast of Santa Monica, CA, which Calek was actually able to film the event in its entirety. Don't believe in U.F.O.'s? You will.

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Mar 17

Shepherds PPV


To those who would prosecute them, they were nothing more than psychopaths attempting to control the weak. But to the men and women who followed them, they were more. They were Gods. So what defines the fabric of a cult leader? Are they nothing more than salesmen with a gift to manipulate? Or are they more gifted than the average human? SHEPHERDS delves into the lives of four different cult leaders, cross-referencing the details of their lives, in order to not only determine the genesis of their madness, but also the methods in which they built their own alternative societies. The end result is a new profile for each cult leader, in which an ever present connection that has been hidden until now, is finally revealed. What is that connection? You’ll have to watch Chad Calek’s SHEPHERDS to find out.

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In 1984, while on a “deep drill dig” in the Kola Peninsula, a team of Syberian scientists were shocked when they discovered a mysterious hollow cavern, located nearly nine miles below the surface of the earth. But nothing could have prepared them for the audio recorded from the cavern, as the horrific sounds of human beings suffering at a massive level was captured. Shortly after, the worldwide media reported on this event, causing many to believe that “hell on earth” does in fact exist. But what really happened? You’ll be floored by the answers provided in Chad Calek’s THE THE STAIRWAY TO HELL, as the seed of the legend, is greater than the legend itself.

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Mar 17

Demonic: Circle The Son PPV

Demonic: Circle The Son (DOCUMENTARY) 24 MINUTES

As an expose into the world of the demonic, this incredibly intense documentary focuses on the ever present question as to whether or not demons are real, or if demonic possession is merely misdiagnosed mental illness. Starting with a re-opening of theAnnaliese Michel case, which was the foundational case for the feature film “The Exorcism of Emily Rose”, AGH investigator and Co-Producer Mary Beth Wylie reveals countless shocking details about the case that ultimately led to Michel’s death. In addition, for the first time ever on film, Wylie discusses the demonic attack she suffered while being present at the “I Am Six: Part 2” episode/case in Quincy, IL, in which for the first time released on video, you will see the shocking evidence associated with the attack. For those interested in the concept of demons and demonic possession, DEMONIC: CIRCLE THE SON is unlike anything you’ve ever seen, as Calek also recounts several mind-bending events he witnessed that caused him to heed the warning of a close friend who once told Calek, “You really don’t understand what you are playing with. It doesn’t matter if you don’t believe in demons. They don’t care if you don’t believe in them. Because Chad...they believe in you.”

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Mar 17

Joe Sky Walker PPV


Before their was “Fearless Felix” Baumgartner... there was Joseph Kittinger. The true story of Kittinger’s space jump is so dangerous, so courageous, so superhuman, that no matter what Baumgartner accomplished with Red Bull, the Stratos Project was forever destined to have an aterix. Why? Because some men construct their own destiny, while others collide with it. Welcome to the true story of the greatest American hero you’ve never heard of. Welcome to the legend… of JOE SKY WALKER.

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Of all the incredible details surrounding The Amityville Horror case that were discovered by investigators, the one disturbing detail they all missed, will leave you absolutely terrified. Award-Winning Documentary Filmmaker Chad Calek's "THE FIRST AMITYVILLE" delivers an astonishing new fold to a previously hidden chapter to what is arguably the most famous paranormal case in the history of the world.

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