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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE 4.27.15 (LOS ANGELES, CA): On May 1st, 2015, AGH Television is proud to announce that Award-Winning Director Chad Calek’s critically acclaimed AMERICAN GHOST HUNTER documentary will be "wide-released” by indie powerhouse distributor Gravitas Ventures. 

"With AMERICAN GHOST HUNTER, we found a terrifyingly real story of a family terrorized by the paranormal, unlike anything we¹ve seen before. There are no gimmicks or frills with this film, just the haunting reality the Calek family has faced, told with confidence and grace by filmmaker Chad Calek. Calek is an incredibly charismatic and dynamic artist with a bold voice and we are proud to be distributing his work AMERICAN GHOST HUNTER so audiences across the country can hear his story.” - Michael Lange, Gravitas Ventures Film Acquisitions

THE SYNOPSIS OF “AMERICAN GHOST HUNTER”: In 1988, the Calek family moved from a suburb of Houston, TX, to a rural Iowa farming community known as Persia. Shortly after, they began experiencing violently intense paranormal activity unlike anything ever before documented in over 130 years of paranormal research. For the next 21 years, all efforts made by the Calek parents to end the activity had failed. In 2009, the youngest son, Chad Calek, now a renowned paranormal investigator living in Santa Monica, California, returned home to Iowa with a team of renowned paranormal investigators, in which Calek was determined to solve the mysteries behind his family's haunting, in hopes of putting an end to over two decades of suffering. Unlike fictional mockumentaries, AMERICAN GHOST HUNTER provides the most compelling and shocking REAL paranormal activity ever documented, while also delivering an overwhelmingly emotional story of what a son is willing to do to save his family. 

THE UNCONVENTIONAL THEATRICAL JOURNEY OF "AMERICAN GHOST HUNTER”:  Once post-production of AMERICAN GHOST HUNTER was complete, convinced that he had something special in his documentary, Calek chose bypass the traditional film-festival route, opting instead to host a handful of non-traditional theatrical “sneak peek” screenings at such reportedly haunted locations as the The Waverly Hills Sanatorium in Louisville, KY, and the U.S.S. Hornet Battleship in Oakland, CA, as well as screenings at several historic landmark locations, including the Seattle Space Needle, in which AMERICAN GHOST HUNTER was the first film to ever premier at the towering landmark.

When all was said and done, what started as an “experimental” number of shows turned into 77 sold out “sneak peek" screening event tour dates that were held in the United States and Canada, in which AMERICAN GHOST HUNTER had garnered rave reviews along the way from not only attendees of the screenings, but also from countless online websites, FM radio stations, newspapers, magazines and major network television news programs. At the same time, several iconic personalities in the horror/paranormal genre, such as iconic graphic novelist Frank Miller (Author 300, Sin City and Batman: The Dark Knight), Stefan Petrucha (Author of the X-Files), Robb Demarest (star of SyFy’s Ghost Hunters International), Bill Murphy (star of SyFy’s “Fact or Faked") and countless others began openly praising AMERICAN GHOST HUNTER as a “must see” documentary, while urging the public to attend AMERICAN GHOST HUNTER screenings.

“To have the general public react like that to a film of mine, much less my life story, that was truly overwhelming. Especially because we had the unique ability to exist within the viral excitement, because we were living on the road, meeting face to face with the individuals who were creating that ‘buzz’. I’ve never experienced anything like it in my life.” - Chad Calek.

THE DISTRIBUTION PLAN: As the underground and viral “buzz” surrounding AMERICAN GHOST HUNTER continued to build, it became obvious that the next step would be to find the right distributor to bring AMERICAN GHOST HUNTER to the masses, in which Calek’s call for guidance through the treacherous world of distribution was answered by film industry heavyweight David Dinerstein. As one of the most accomplished film industry executives in the history of Hollywood, Dinerstein is responsible for marketing and distributing such legendary films as Pulp Fiction, Clerks, The Crying Game, Hustle and Flow, and most recently, Red State, American Hustle, Her and more. In addition, Dinerstein, who has built a reputation for working with young directors that he believes in, has also helped to launch the careers of numerous iconic filmmakers such as Quentin Tarantino, Steven Soderberg, Paul Greengrass, Justin Lin, Sofia Coppola, Baz Luhrman, Jane Campion and Kevin Smith, just to name a few.

Another director that Dinerstein believes in… is Chad Calek.

As a long time supporter of Calek’s work, Dinerstein met Calek nearly eight years ago through Calek’s manager, Curt Smith, in which Calek and Dinerstein stayed in touch ever since. So when AGH began making waves in the indie scene, Dinerstein agreed to meet with Calek to discuss the future of his life story. From that point forward, as Calek explains, Dinerstein was the obvious choice to develop, define and execute the distribution strategy of AMERICAN GHOST HUNTER.

“After my first meeting with David, I remember leaving with an incredible amount of hope and excitement. Rather than telling me what I needed to change in order to reach a more 'mainstream' audience, David just wanted to know what my goals were. He wanted to know what I viewed as 'success'. He never once even suggested that I change anything about my films, my style or my approach to delivering the message of my films to my fans. David left that meeting telling me that he would do everything in his power to find a situation that worked for me, so that I could release my films to the world on my terms. And that's exactly what he did, which still blows my mind, as David did not have to work with me for any reason. David is in league with the titans of Hollywood because he's one of those titans, while I'm just a kid from Iowa that's trying to change the world with my documentaries. For this reason, the best compliment I could offer to David, would be to state the obvious, which is that all of this is a true story," - Chad Calek

ENTER GRAVITAS VENTURES: Between 2013 and 2014, knowing that Calek was looking for a distributor who was interested in releasing not only AMERICAN GHOST HUNTER, but potentially a body of work yet to come, Dinerstein represented Calek's AMERICAN GHOST HUNTER to elite list of mainstream Hollywood distributors. While there were several offers from traditional distributors that Calek could have accepted, Dinerstein's suggested patience and persistence eventually paid off in early 2015, as Dinerstein delivered to Calek a tailor-made distribution agreement from leading indie distributor GRAVITAS VENTURES. Not only would the deal make AMERICAN GHOST HUNTER available to over 100 million homes in U.S. and Canada on May 1st, 2015, but the agreement also ensured “final cut privilege” would remain Calek’s, thus ensuring his life story would reach the masses exactly as Calek intended it to.

In terms of a first-time distribution deal being favorable, for a controversial indie filmmaker like Calek, with a trademark style of documentary that he wants to protect, this agreement was more than favorable. 

“It’s the ‘holy grail’ when it comes to first-time indie distro deals. And you don’t get a deal like this on your own. You have to have an amazing team behind you. Without my business partner, Thomas Lee Bottom, being there to provide the resources, encouragement and support to keep the ship steady during the tough times, while making sure I have everything I need to build our brand, we simply aren’t here today. Without my manager, Curt Smith, being there to open the doors I need opened, but also having the wisdom to know when the time is right, we are not here today. Without David’s infinite belief in my work, willingness to fight for my vision and the patience to hold out for a situation that I could actually build a foundation from, again, we are not here today. Without my partner Justin, being there as my ‘brother’, while always sweating the small things that I can see when looking at the ‘big picture’, I thank you, brotha. Without you…we are not here today. I could go on and on, but to those of you who have worked your ass off to get us to this place in time, you know who you are, and so do I. The magic in what we do lies not within the individual, but within the collective heart of our family. And I’m incredibly excited to say that our family now includes the staff of Gravitas Ventures,” says Calek. “They’re young, they’re aggressive, they push the boundaries with their releases and I didn’t have to change a frame of my film, which was the most important aspect of the agreement. That says a lot about the commitment Gravitas extends to the filmmaker. Beyond that, the Gravitas team truly took the time to get to know who we are, what our goals are and why we make the films we make. Patience is a very hard thing to have in this business, but in our case, we do feel as though it was a virtue, as we’re incredibly excited about our future with Gravitas.”

AMERICAN GHOST HUNTER RELEASE DATE: On May 1st, 2015, AMERICAN GHOST HUNTER will be released by GRAVITAS VENTURES in the United States and Canada, in which AMERICAN GHOST HUNTER will be featured on over 40 different "video on demand” cable television carriers, such as Verizon Fios, Cox Cable, Dish Network, Mediacom, Cablevision, RCN, Charter On Demand, Rogers and many more, as well as by countless "internet on demand" carriers such as iTunes, Amazon Video, Vudu, Google Play, Xbox LIVE, Sony Playstation and more.

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PODCAST-RELEASE-SCHEDULE FINALsmallThe AGH TV release schedule for Chad Calek uncensored, subscription-based, 24-episode long WELCOME TO THE GUN SHOW podcast series has been officially announced! To see the release schedule, as well as the titles to 18 of the 24 forthcoming WELCOME TO THE GUN SHOW podcasts, CLICK ON THE GRAPHIC posted with this announcement! PLEASE NOTE: To subscribe Chad Calek's WELCOME TO THE GUN SHOW podcast series, click the "subscription" tab at the top of this page. THANK YOU FOR YOUR INTEREST AND SUPPORT!

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (LOS ANGELES, CA):The forthcoming "IN A CROWDED ROOM" recording sessions for the currently untitled IN A CROWDED ROOM studio album will include 14 original songs written by Chad Calek, as well as four new cover songs, which will be given away FOR FREE upon completion of the album.

"While my passion has always been my original music, in many ways, the cover songs we learn as teenagers become our teachers when it comes to song arrangement and technique. You can't learn a Soundgarden cover without being effected by the unique musical choices made by guitarist Kim Thayil, as dude is honestly on some whole other shit. You can't spend six months of your life learning how to sing the haunted nursery rhyme harmonies that Layne Staley and Jerry Cantrell so effortlessly crooned, without having that blend of sound eternally etched into your musical psyche. Because of this, I look at recording cover songs as a way to simply say 'thank you' to the artist who wrote the song that inspired you. But beyond all of that, cover songs are just fun, for both the artist and the listener. It's a cool way for people that have never heard of you before, to just give you a chance. It's also a cool way to test your own writing skills when it comes to creating something 'new' from something well known. And when it comes to giving the cover songs away for free, the bottom line is that in today's world of music, you have to consistently engage your audience. Above everything else, you have to care about getting your voice out there. Giving away cover songs is just another way of telling your audience 'thank you'. With that in mind, embedded below is my version of John Lennon's WORKING CLASS HERO, which is actually a one-mic, one-take, 'live' recording. Feel free to download it FOR FREE and give it a listen! Stay tuned for many more updates to come on the IN A CROWDED ROOM record and DVD, including which songs I'll be choosing to cover as well! Much love and all the best!" - Chad Calek, IN A CROWDED ROOM