Official News
At the beginning of last October's "BRING OUT YOUR DEAD" your, CHAD CALEK was welcomed back to ROCK 105.3 FM's "THE SHOW" for the third time to discuss his childhood haunting, how the touring events came to be, what attendees can expect to experience at an AGH TV event, and much more.
CLICK PLAY on this AGH TV NEWS: EXCLUSIVE VIDEO video posted below to watch a large portion of this interview, which was truly an honor, as in addition to being a wonderful group of people, the crew of "THE SHOW" are as professional as it gets, as "THE SHOW" has been consistently voted the #1 FM RADIO morning show in San Diego, CA.

Also, stay tuned for more videos to be posted from our time on the road during the "BRING OUT YOUR DEAD" tour!
And for those interested in our live events, for MORE INFO, DATES, CITIES and TICKETS to all of our upcoming tour dates and weekend retreats, which include the "DARKNESS DOWN UNDER" Australian Tour in March, the "FIRE IN DISGUISE" U.F.O. SKYWATCHING event in Trout Lake, WA, in May and our "PARAMERICAN TOUR" in July, which is coming to 17 U.S. cities, make sure to visit the AGH TV "Tours & Events" page by CLICKING HERE!

Thank you all for supporting independent film and touring! Enjoy the video posted below.