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Hello, my friends.

Please CLICK PLAY on the video below to hear the details about our new international distribution deal with Apple/iTunes to release our films to 30 new countries outside of the U.S. and Canada! Also, to see the complete list of countries that AGH TELEVISION now distributes to via iTunes, please scroll down to the bottom of the page.

This new venture, which has been in the works for some time, would not have been possible without the faith, hard work, vision and belief of my "team". David, Thomas, Curt and Justin... I cannot even begin to properly express how fortunate I am to have all of you in my life. Simply put, you're the best in the business. No matter what obstacles appear in our path, you allow me to be an artist as you keep the operation forever moving steadily forward. You guys prove to me on a daily basis that the journey truly is the reward. Thank you.

To my A BLOOD RED SKY family, THANK YOU for your patience, your love and your support. Professionally and personally, your faith in our collective "big picture" dream is nothing short of food for the soul. You believed when so many didn't, which is never lost on me, no will it ever be forgotten. You truly are "family". The experiment is real. ABRS is happening, my friends.

To Ciaran, Craig and the rest of our international familia, thank you all so much for helping us travel to and work within your backyard! We're honored to be not only your guests, but your friends. Needless to see, we look forward to what the future holds within and outside of the United States!

To Laura and my closest friends and family, thank you all for putting up with the travel and the madness that comes with this journey. You're always "there" when I get home. Thank you.

And to all of you, our friends, fans and supporters, I've said it before and I'll say it again: NOTHING is possible without your support and excitement.

Happy Holidays, my friends.

Here's to the future.

- Chad





At the beginning of last October's "BRING OUT YOUR DEAD" your, CHAD CALEK was welcomed back to ROCK 105.3 FM's "THE SHOW" for the third time to discuss his childhood haunting, how the touring events came to be, what attendees can expect to experience at an AGH TV event, and much more.
CLICK PLAY on this AGH TV NEWS: EXCLUSIVE VIDEO video posted below to watch a large portion of this interview, which was truly an honor, as in addition to being a wonderful group of people, the crew of "THE SHOW" are as professional as it gets, as "THE SHOW" has been consistently voted the #1 FM RADIO morning show in San Diego, CA.

Also, stay tuned for more videos to be posted from our time on the road during the "BRING OUT YOUR DEAD" tour!
And for those interested in our live events, for MORE INFO, DATES, CITIES and TICKETS to all of our upcoming tour dates and weekend retreats, which include the "DARKNESS DOWN UNDER" Australian Tour in March, the "FIRE IN DISGUISE" U.F.O. SKYWATCHING event in Trout Lake, WA, in May and our "PARAMERICAN TOUR" in July, which is coming to 17 U.S. cities, make sure to visit the AGH TV "Tours & Events" page by CLICKING HERE!

Thank you all for supporting independent film and touring! Enjoy the video posted below.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (LOS ANGELES, CA): Chad Calek's "BRING OUT YOUR DEAD TOUR" will be giving attendees the chance to experience the cutting edge world of PARANORMAL VIRTUAL REALITY, as attendees of ALL 25 TOUR DATES will get the chance to step into the haunted third chapter of the INSIDIOUS series of films, with a VR experience titled "INSIDIOUS: CHAPTER 3 - INTO THE FURTHER".

To see the physical responses of those brave enough to enter this world, click the video below. As you'll see, anyone choosing to take on the world of PARANORMAL VIRTUAL REALITY had better bring their courage!


To get your "BRING OUT YOUR DEAD TOUR" tickets to ALL 25 TOUR DATES, visit


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (LOS ANGELES, CA): After a chance encouter led to AGH TV's Chad Calek to cross paths with legendary Documentary Filmmaker Nick Broomfield, who's list of "cult classic" documentaries include "Kurt & Courtney", "Biggie And Tupac", "Aileen: Life and Death of a Serial Killer" and countess others, Broomfield, who is one of Calek's publicly admitted inspirations for becoming a documentary filmmaker, recently invited Calek to his home, in which both Award-Winning Filmmakers were inspired by an idea for a documentary that they both could work on together.

While Calek and Broomfield have just begun discussing the possibility of working together, with both filmmakers being known for brutal honesty and "pushing the bar" when it comes to taking cameras where they typically never go, the concept of a BROOMFIELD/CALEK documentary is a truly exciting possibility to many.

"Rarely in life do you get the chance to meet your heroes. And if you do get the chance to meet them, quite often they let you down as people. This was just the opposie with Nick. One might expect a guy who's been making hit documentaries for 30 years, in which his films have consisently changed the landscape of what's possible within the documentary genre, to be a bit full of himself. Nick couldn't have defied this expectation any more, as he's completely humble, incredibly kind, and still to this day, overwhelmingly passionate about filmmaking, as I found even myself being effected by his energy. I quickly realized that there's a reason he's amongst the best in the world, as filmmaking is in his blood. It's not his job... it's who he is. Simply put, everything I had hoped he would be... he was," says Calek. "So to not only meet him, but to be able to call him my friend and quite possibly a co-director of a new project, well.. that's a dream come true, right? This is why people move to Los Angeles. Because you hope that one day that things like this will happen. And it just so happened that I met Nick at the perfect time, as AMERICAN GHOST HUNTER has recenly become my first certified 'hit' documentary, as with 'AGH' first becoming the #2 most popular horror film on iTunes this past May, and with 'AGH' currently being the #1 most-watched documentary in America on HULU, Nick was able to see that I'm not just a 'super-fan', but a fellow filmmaker that understands and respects the craft of story telling. "

Please feel free to watch the video posted below, which Calek and Broomfield filmed after meeting to discuss their idea for a potential new documentary.

"One ultimately never knows what will or won't pan out in the enertainment business, but what I can tell you is that we're both passionate about the idea we discussed, we're both doing some initial leg work to see how possible the idea would be to bring to life, and we're both in a position in our careers where we can freely choose to work on whatever we want, which is key to acually getting shit done in Hollywood. Needless to say, I'm excited about the concept of a Broomfield/Calek documentary, as we're both willing to do whatever is necessary to document the truth of a situation. Needless to say, I'll keep everyone updated," said Calek, adding, "Damn... how exciting, huh?"

Calek leave on his "BRING OUT YOUR DEAD" TOUR on Oct. 1st, which will span 25 cities in 32 days, making the "BRING OUT YOUR DEAD" TOUR the most ambitious indie film tour ever attempted. For tickets to ALL 25 TOUR DATES, please visit

Thank you for supporting independent film.

- AGH Television


19722 10152876187140777 2006011769371114350 nFor seven consecutive days, Award-Winning Filmmaker Chad Calek's autobiographic "AMERICAN GHOST HUNTER" documentary, which is distributed by Gravitas Venutures, has been dominating the HULU charts on multiple platforms.

After debuting at the bottom of the "POPULAR DOCUMENTARY" charts on HULU on Sept 3rd, 2015, what occurred over the next seven days is the stuff that Hollywood dreams are made of, as "word of mouth" surrounding Calek's AMERICAN GHOST HUNTER documentary (also known to fans simply as "AGH") exploded, driving AMERICAN GHOST HUNTER to the top of the "POPULAR DOCUMENTARY" chart with a bullet, becoming the the #1 most-watched documentary in AMERICA on HULU on Sept. 10th. What's even more impressive, is that since taking over the #1 spot on the "POPULAR DOCUMENTARY" chart... it's barely budged, as "AGH" was still the #1 most-watched documentary as of 10pm EST on Sept 17th, gaining more daily views than the hugely popular "SOAKED IN BLEACH" Kurt Cobain conspiracy documentary, the "AMY WINEHOUSE: A FINAL GOODBYE" documentary and Showtime's ALLEN IVERSON documentary, just to name a few.

During this week-long run, the only time that AMERICAN GHOST HUNTER was dethroned from the #1 spot on the "POPULAR DOCUMENTARY" HULU chart for any lasting period of time, was on Sept. 11th for only a matter of 10 hours, in which the "9.11 FALLING MAN" documentary took the #1 spot over just after 1 pm EST, as the country remembered and focused on the 9.11 terrorist attacks. But even in the midst of national remembrance of the worst domestic terrorist attack in the history of the United States, AMERICAN GHOST HUNTER would reclaim its #1 charting just before midnight on 9.11, in which it has remained atop the HULU "POPULAR DOCUMENTARY" charts ever since. Needless to say, AMERICAN GHOST HUNTER's distributor, Gravitas Ventures, who inked a deal with Calek in January of 2015, is extremely pleased with the success of Calek's autobiographical documentary.

AGH GRAVITAS ARTWORK ATT JPEG FORMAT 2"Gravitas Ventures has been a proud supplier of movies to Hulu & Hulu Plus for more than 5 years and we are always excited when a film like AMERICAN GHOST HUNTER finds an appreciative audience among their adventurous customers," said Gravitas Ventures Vice President of Filmmaker Relations Chad Miller. "The filmmaker behind AMERICAN GHOST HUNTER, Chad Calek, has a strong following from his work on paranormal television shows, and Calek takes that experience several steps further with this scary and exciting film. Any horror fan should check it out."

In addition to Calek's success on HULU'S "POPULAR DOCUMENTARY" chart, "AGH" is also now charting on additional HULU charts, such as HULU'S "POPULAR PARANORMAL" chart, as since Sept. 10th, AMERICAN GHOST HUNTER has maintained its position as the #1 the most-watched "POPULAR PARANORMAL" film in AMERICA on HULU as well!

And last, but not least, on HULU's most competitive chart, which is the broad sweeping "POPULAR MOVIES" chart, which keeps track of all views for all films (of all formats) released by HULU, AMERICAN GHOST HUNTER reached as high as #4 on "POPULAR MOVIES" chart on Sept. 16th, beating out over 20,000 titles distributed by HULU.

During the successful run that 'AGH' has enjoyed on Hulu, Calek hasn't had time yet to enjoy his accomplishments, as besides a spattering on Periscope appearances, Calek's been been relatively silent on social media due to the fact that he's simultaneously prepping for his forthcoming "BRING OUT YOUR DEAD" FILM PRESENTATION TOUR, which with 25 shows spanning 33 total days, the "BRING OUT YOUR DEAD" tour is the longest, most ambitious independent film tour ever attempted. But Calek has promised during a recent Periscope session that he's hired a full-time filmmaker to shoot, edit and post daily footage of the "BRING OUT YOUR DEAD TOUR, which begins on Oct. 1st at the historically haunted Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood, CA ( In addition, Calek did release the following comment for this press release. 

"First off, I sincerely apologize for being as silent as I've been on social media, as I promise that we're taking the appropriate steps to ensure I can remain as active as I typically am when it comes to interacting with my fans, friends, family and supporters. When it comes to AMERICAN GHOST HUNTER's success on HULU, needless to say, I'm blown away by the the nation's response. While I believed in 'AGH' from day one, I've been around long enough to know there's no such thing as a 'sure thing' in Hollywood. But thankfully, through the support of my business partner, Thomas, my manager, Curt, my agent, David, my best friend and fellow producer, Justin, and my wife, Laura, we were able to land a distribution deal through Gravitas Ventures, who thankfully understood my vision as a filmmaker, and believed in AMERICAN GHOST HUNTER enough to release it to the masses via countless carriers, including HULU, which 'AGH' was released via HULU PLUS on Sept. 3rd, 2015. From there, it took seven days for America to speak. And when she spoke, she spoke loud and clear. AMERICAN GHOST HUNTER is unlike any other paranormal documentary ever made. And now... it's also officially a success by any measure. As much as I would love to take credit for this, I simply cannot. AMERICAN GHOST HUNTER's success is testament to the power of not only the film's message, but more importantly, it's a testament to the power of our fans who have been tirelessly spreading the message of AGH since our very first 'indie' screening in Estes Park, CO, back in 2012. Our fans are the secret to the sauce, so to speak. They're the 'magic' in the bullet. So if you're one of those fans and you're reading this, to steal a lyric from my boy Joey Steed, when it comes to the success of AMERICAN GHOST HUNTER... 'you're the reason'. Although words could never properly demonstrate the depth of our gratitude, on behalf of my parents, as well as the entire AGH TV familia, we sincerely thank you all for making AMERICAN GHOST HUNTER to the #1 most-watched documentary in America." - Chad Calek, "AMERICAN GHOST HUNTER" Star, Director, Producer, Writer, Editor, Music Supervisor and Narrator

AMERICAN GHOST HUNTER is currently available to watch on HULU PLUS, as well as iTunes, Amazon, Vudu, Dish Network, Direct TV, Playstation, XBox, Verizon FIOS and most cable television carriers in the U.S. and Canada.


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