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Gravitas Ventures Inks Five-Picture Deal
With Paranormal Director Chad Calek And AGH Films

[Los Angeles, CA. July 31st, 2020] –– Gravitas Ventures, a Red Arrow Studios company, announced today that it has signed a five-picture distribution agreement with award-winning filmmaker and renown paranormal director Chad Calek’s indie film studio, AGH Films, in which Gravitas will release Calek’s slate of paranormal documentaries, which include SIR NOFACE, TWO FACE: THE GREY and PHANTOM RIDER, which represent all three chapters of Calek’s SIR NOFACE docu-series. In addition, the deal also includes A BLOOD RED SKY, which is the spinoff sequel to Calek’s debut paranormal documentary, AMERICAN GHOST HUNTER, which will also be re-released as part of the deal.
“We are thrilled to be back in business with Chad Calek. Since the release of his first paranormal documentary AMERICAN GHOST HUNTER, Chad Calek’s work has continued to resonate with paranormal fans throughout the world. He has crafted a personality-driven, trademark style of storytelling that is completely immersive. Calek is also one of the most experienced paranormal investigators alive today, and all of his films utilize the detailed knowledge he’s obtained over the course of his 25-year career. He has created a brand of storytelling that can only come from the mind of Chad Calek,” said Brendan Gallagher, Senior Vice President, Gravitas Ventures.
“I am incredibly excited to partner again with Gravitas Ventures on my body of paranormal documentaries. My experience with Gravitas on AMERICAN GHOST HUNTER was first-rate. They have devised an exceptional strategic plan for my paranormal slate of films which are meant to be viewed in a very specific way,” said Chad Calek, AGH Films Partner and Director/Producer/Writer.
Gravitas experienced great success with the 2015 release of Calek’s terrifying AMERICAN GHOST HUNTER documentary, which reached cult classic status amongst paranormal fans after claiming the #1 chart position as HULU’s all-time “most popular” paranormal film. This achievement came on the heels of Calek making the jump to documentary filmmaking after a successful television career. Prior to AMERICAN GHOST HUNTER, Calek directed and co-starred in six seasons of A&E’s hit reality series PARANORMAL STATE, in addition to executive producing, directing and starring in his own PARANORMAL STATES spinoff special for A&E, titled THE GHOST PROPHECIES.
Part of Calek’s independent success came from a live touring model created and developed by Calek and AGH Films Partner and Executive Producer Thomas Lee Bottom. D Squared Films helped implement this unique multi-platform releasing strategy for Calek’s entire film slate. Together, they established a touring format that offered Calek’s fans the chance to see a “one night only” sneak peek theatrical screening before the film was released. Calek’s tours were a tremendous success with his fanbase, both domestically and internationally. His shows would consistently sell out large venues throughout the world.
This touring process served Calek’s overall vision since his paranormal film slate was conceived to be watched chronologically, beginning with AMERICAN GHOST HUNTER and ending with the forthcoming PHANTOM RIDER. When watched in order, the viewer will discover several “easter eggs,” as all five films intentionally share what Calek refers to as “creative connective tissue.”
The five-picture deal between Gravitas and AGH Films was brokered by the award-winning producer David Dinerstein, President of D Squared Films. Dinerstein previously co-founded Paramount’s independent division, Paramount Classics, and was a key architect of Fox Searchlight. He previously negotiated the initial deal with Gravitas Ventures for the release of Calek’s AMERICAN GHOST HUNTER. He is known for championing new filmmakers and helped launch the careers of such directors as Kevin Smith, Quentin Tarantino, and Sofia Coppola.

“Chad is a visionary storyteller and thinks outside the box. He is incredibly connected to his audience, which is evident by his unique social media marketing and his roadshow theatrical screening tours. Gravitas is the perfect distributor to help Chad and AGH Films maximize their potential,” said David Dinerstein, President, D Squared Films.
The five-picture deal includes the following titles:
Calek’s autobiographic AMERICAN GHOST HUNTER documentary includes the final on-screen documentary appearance of legendary demonologist Lorraine Warren (The Conjuring Universe), as she joins Calek in his attempt to understand his mother’s alleged possession and the mysteries behind the Calek family’s 20-year haunting.
The Award-Winning Documentary Filmmaker and paranormal investigator Chad Calek, along with his AGH "CORE UNIT" investigative team, traveled from the United States to Alnwick, England's Chillingham Castle, which is considered by many to be the most haunted location on planet earth, to conduct an experiment that would be the first of its kind. In order for the experiment to yield results, the entire team would have to place themselves in legitimate danger, while actively choosing to disregard ethical beliefs, medical safety and legal limitations. As an independent witness to the events, Dr. Ciaran O'Keeffe, a world renowned parapsychologist, was invited to observe the process, as well as the ongoing mental and physical health of each investigator during the experiment. The results of the experiment defied all known logic and scientific explanation...and carried with it the potential to alter reality as we know it today. The entire event was documented, in which the footage was released as a documentary under the name "A BLOOD RED SKY", which is the formal name of the experiment conducted at Chillingham Castle. Because so many modern "paranormal" television and film projects have chosen to blur the line between fact and fiction, it is important to point out that the events that you will see in "A BLOOD RED SKY" are authentic, and as they occurred. Nothing was staged, faked or hoaxed.
Set in Sydney, Australia, Chad Calek’s SIR NOFACE docuseries begins with the SIR NOFACE documentary, which chronicles the mysterious circumstances, bizarre events and shocking footage captured during the 2013 paranormal investigation of Sydney Harbour's Cockatoo Island during the only known paranormal investigation in history to be officially sanctioned by the Australian Government. Led by civilian investigator Craig Powell and the West Sydney Paranormal Research Team (W.S.P.R.), for nearly two years this mind-bending investigation yielded groundbreaking levels of paranormal activity while operating under a cloak of secrecy, in which Powell and his W.S.P.R. team members were successful in documenting countless events that defy all known rationale and scientific explanation. At the heart of this investigation was the stunning footage of a full-body “entity” that was nicknamed SIR NOFACE due to its lack of facial contours. After initially reviewing the footage, Calek was amazed by what he saw, as if the SIR NOFACE footage was authentic, Powell could be the first investigator in history to capture evidence that definitively proves the existence of ghosts. With this in mind, Calek spent the next two years of his life exhausting every resource he had in an effort to prove that Powell faked the SIR NOFACE footage, which Powell welcomed Calek’s investigation with open arms. The end result was shocking, as Calek’s efforts only bolstered the credibility of the SIR NOFACE footage, as the best way to prove that something is authentic… is to prove that it cannot be fake.
As the second chapter of the SIR NOFACE docuseries, TWO FACE: THE GREY picks up where SIR NOFACE left off, as after concluding that the SIR NOFACE footage was authentic, Award-Winning Filmmaker Chad Calek announced a tour that included "one-time only" sneak peek theatrical screening events across the United States and Australia, in which the public would get the chance to be the first to see SIR NOFACE. While Calek was pleased with the overall reaction to SIR NOFACE, he was admittedly concerned by the fact that many SIR NOFACE viewers began to call for the re-opening of the SIR NOFACE case, as many claimed that the entity filmed by Powell was not a ghost, but rather a misidentified extraterrestrial life form commonly referred to as a "Grey”. As the real life continuation of the most compelling paranormal case in history, TWO FACE: THE GREY is the shocking documented true story of Calek and Powell's incredible journey of re-discovery, which unveiled a mystery with global implications that both investigators could have never possibly imagined.
Award-Winning Filmmaker Chad Calek and Paranormal Investigator Craig Powell continue to chronicle their investigation into the mysteries surrounding the 2013 Australian Government-sanctioned paranormal investigation of Cockatoo Island, which lead to the WSPR investigative team capturing the now world renowned footage of the SIR NOFACE “entity”. In PHANTOM RIDER, the decision to re-open the case was one that both investigators would come to regret, as a series of strange events would quickly unfold with potentially deadly consequences. Faced with the realization that their own curiosity had unknowingly involved them in a potential conspiracy, that if proven to be authentic, could effect mankind on a global scale, Calek and Powell must now decide whether it's worth it to move forward with their investigation, or simply walk away in hopes of regaining a life of normalcy... if that's even possible.
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