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Joe Talks about the reality of getting signed and the trials and tribulations of Index Case. Small clip from the upcoming documentary "Black Sheep".

Ground Control to major Thomas Lee Bottom... Commencing countdown, engines on. Take your protein pills and put your helmet on!  Filming of Blacksheep has officially been expanded into another dimension.  Thanks major;)

Chad discusses the IN A CROWDED ROOM song "Cut Off Your Arm Medicine" with Index Case's Josh Parker.


Chad and Joey listen to a playback of a "rough pass" of the IN A CROWDED ROOM song "SMOKE IN THE CLOUDS", which Joey and Josh are re-writing with Chad. As Joey says, "We just keep the good shit of a song and re-write the rest". Indeed, Joey. Indeed.


Hangin' with Index Case's Josh Parker to discuss him producing my IN A CROWDED ROOM record, in which before we got into discussing my project, I luckily got the chance to hear some never before released NEW Index Case demos :)

More video updates coming!

- Chad

It was a day of madness yesterday, as launching our new AGH TV 2.0 website (which you are reading this on), preparing to film Blacksheep and rehearsing for the IN A CROWDED ROOM record, proved to be a task that left Joey and I nothing short of exhausted by 12:30 a.m., in which we chose to just call it a night, get some rest and wake up with fresh thoughts and ideas. The interview sections, specifically, were intense, as I'm learning that when you ask anyone to speak about losing something in their life that they were passionate about, there's a certain hidden pain that comes rushing back to the surface. A pain that when when exposed, changes a person's entire demeanor. I know we're only one day in, but if BLACKSHEEP and IN A CROWDED ROOM continue to follow this path, we're going to have two projects that the viewer and listener will be deeply touched by.

I'll do everything in my power to find the time to upload some vide or photos before I leave for Iowa tomorrow morning. But for now... it's back to the grind!

Much love, everyone!

- Chad


Thanks to my good friend and partner Thomas, Christmas came a little early, as we'll be utilizing drone cam technology on all of our films from this point forward... starting with BLACKSHEEP.

If you're going to shoot for the starts, I guess you have to be able to film them (and from them), should you arrive.

What can I say, other than "Wow...Thank you, Thomas".

And to those of you reading this, the tools of the trade just expanded the possibilities, as we now have and entirely new perspective of reality to create our visual from. God help us should we ever decide to go underwater, although James Cameron is way out in front of everyone in that arena! LOL!

- Chad

P.S. Now it's up to Justin to freeze his arse off in the cold ass corn fields of Iowa as he learns to fly this puppy LOL!


Laura and Joey hangin' during a break from writing and rehearsing the IN A CROWDED ROOM record. Good times, memories and friends make for a perfect song-writing/filming "sesh".

No shortage of any of those elements here :)

- Chad


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: SANTA MONICA, CA: Joey Ansley checks in from Santa Monica, CA, during a break from writing and rehearsing for Chad Calek's forthcoming "IN A CROWDED ROOM" CD, in which the entire process is also being documented for Calek's forthcoming "BLACKSHEEP" feature film, which Ansley will also co-star in.


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (LOS ANGELES, CA):The forthcoming "IN A CROWDED ROOM" recording sessions for the currently untitled IN A CROWDED ROOM studio album will include 14 original songs written by Chad Calek, as well as four new cover songs, which will be given away FOR FREE upon completion of the album.

"While my passion has always been my original music, in many ways, the cover songs we learn as teenagers become our teachers when it comes to song arrangement and technique. You can't learn a Soundgarden cover without being effected by the unique musical choices made by guitarist Kim Thayil, as dude is honestly on some whole other shit. You can't spend six months of your life learning how to sing the haunted nursery rhyme harmonies that Layne Staley and Jerry Cantrell so effortlessly crooned, without having that blend of sound eternally etched into your musical psyche. Because of this, I look at recording cover songs as a way to simply say 'thank you' to the artist who wrote the song that inspired you. But beyond all of that, cover songs are just fun, for both the artist and the listener. It's a cool way for people that have never heard of you before, to just give you a chance. It's also a cool way to test your own writing skills when it comes to creating something 'new' from something well known. And when it comes to giving the cover songs away for free, the bottom line is that in today's world of music, you have to consistently engage your audience. Above everything else, you have to care about getting your voice out there. Giving away cover songs is just another way of telling your audience 'thank you'. With that in mind, embedded below is my version of John Lennon's WORKING CLASS HERO, which is actually a one-mic, one-take, 'live' recording. Feel free to download it FOR FREE and give it a listen! Stay tuned for many more updates to come on the IN A CROWDED ROOM record and DVD, including which songs I'll be choosing to cover as well! Much love and all the best!" - Chad Calek, IN A CROWDED ROOM

PODCAST-RELEASE-SCHEDULE FINALsmallThe AGH TV release schedule for Chad Calek uncensored, subscription-based, 24-episode long WELCOME TO THE GUN SHOW podcast series has been officially announced! To see the release schedule, as well as the titles to 18 of the 24 forthcoming WELCOME TO THE GUN SHOW podcasts, CLICK ON THE GRAPHIC posted with this announcement! PLEASE NOTE: To subscribe Chad Calek's WELCOME TO THE GUN SHOW podcast series, click the "subscription" tab at the top of this page. THANK YOU FOR YOUR INTEREST AND SUPPORT!


Filmaker Chad Calek revealed the initial “rough draft” conceptual artwork for the BLACKSHEEP documentary today, which is posted below. “Before I start any film, I love to share rough graphical designs with my creative team, so that they get a since of the ‘vibe’ that I’m shooting for. The majority of the IN A CROWDED ROOM album will be recorded in Iowa, in which it will be in the middle of winter during the making of the album. Living in Iowa is a hard life. It’s cold most of the year. The marble skies leave you constantly battling with depression, while the invisible monster of boredom is ever present. No matter who you are, it takes a special kind of person to follow your dreams. But when you levy the doubt created by an entire environment oon you shoulders, the only thing more difficult than mustering enough courage to travel to a place as beautiful as Los Angeles, is the strength it takes to come home to a place as dark as Iowa. It’s isolation with just enough wisdom to hope. And that combination is a musical recipe that can create something truly special,” says Calek.


Award-Winning Director Chad Calek just announced that he will again be teaming up with “A BLOOD RED SKY” Co-Producer/Director of Photography Justin Holstein to collaborate on the visual presentation of Calek’s forthcoming “BLACKSHEEP” documentary. “Not only is Justin the best DP that I’ve ever worked with, but he's also lived many of the historical moments that this documentary will delve into. In addition to Justin touring around with us during the radio show days of playing coliseums and summer festivals, I believe Justin was actually in my house when I wrote my first song, which as exciting as it was for me… it was a pretty painful experience for him, as ‘singing’ is just not an easy craft to master. And those early days were brutal,” laughs Calek. “But I can honestly say that there ins’t a better choice for this project, as more than anything else, I trust Justin. I trust his decisions and the fact the he knows me well enough to center me and keep me focused on the story, which can be a bit difficult at times when you are the one being documented. And with BLACKSHEEP being a trip down memory lane, there’s not a better choice either, as Justin was the author of many of those memories."

In response to the news, Holstein responded "Film and Music have been at the center of any of Chad and I's collaborations over the past decade, so it's exciting to combine the two and get back to the roots of our history.  After this many years of collaboration, I believe we have formed a vulcan 'mind-meld' with each other and the universe when it comes to creative.  I think there is a great story to tell here."