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Hola, my friends!

I just took a break to let all of you (my incredibly awesome TWO FACE: THE GREY DVD customers) know that I'm working away on all of the DVD signings, in which orders will begin shipping tomorrow!

This means that throughout the week you will all begin to receive your USPS tracking number emails, which of course means that you autographed TWO FACE: THE GREY extended version DVD is on its way!

Once you receive your copy, please keep in mind that there's a special "DVD ONLY" evidence scene after the final credits, which is a serious mind-bender that effects the entire case!

I also couldn't be happier with how the final DVD product turned out, as not only does the film look beautiful on the big screen, but the packaging and final DVD printing came out awesome as well, as we switched from the big ole' clunky, plastic Amaray DVD cases (which scratched the hell out of the DVDs if they got dislodged from the circular plastic holder during shipping) to the eco-wallet packaging, which for the same production price, not only ensures the disks won't get scratched, but the final artwork is much more crisp and clean, as it's printed directed to the wallet, so you're not looking at a light-glaring matte finish through an ugly thin plastic cover holder. And I ABSOLUTELY LOVE the "flat black" print on the DVD's (which is a new option as well), as it makes the silver sharpie really stand out. In short, these are my favorite DVDs that we've ever released... and very soon, they will be in your hands!

As I also mentioned in the previous post, there's a handful of TWO FACE: THE GREY DVDs left as well (less than 40), so if you want to get your hands on one of the final DVD copies available, please feel free to CLICK THIS LINK: http://www.aghtelevision.com/dvd-s-merch/item/649-2face

And if of course, if you prefer to watch TWO FACE: THE GREY on VIMEO ON DEMAND, you can watch it by CLICKING THIS LINK: www.vimeo.com/ondemand/twoface

I'll update everyone on shipping in a few days as well, but I just wanted to share my excitement about the final product and say THANK YOU once again for your incredible support throughout this entire process. I promise the wait will be worth it, my friends!

Much love and all the best!

- Chad

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