Calling all AGH Soldiers!

AGHSOLDIERCalling all AGH Soldiers!

We are offering free admission to each tour stop of the Bring Out Your Dead Tour for two separate individuals with there own vehicle, in which these individuals will be our local AGH Soldiers.

In return for free admission to the event, our AGH soldiers will need to meet us at our tour bus when we arrive, and be available to immediately shuttle the AGH crew in and around the area, while also helping us with production assistant duties throughout the evening and night, which includes (but is not limited to) loading equipment and merchandise, making off-site runs for any items that may be needed for the show (batteries, tape, paper, etc.) and help with setting up displays for the event.

In addition to enjoying our presentation and films screenings for free, our AGH Soldiers will also have access to the BRING OUT YOUR DEAD tour bus throughout the event (when accompanied by a member of the traveling BRING OUT YOUR DEAD TOUR cast and crew), while each AGH Soldier will also receive a personalized autographed BRING OUT YOUR DEAD TOUR poster for free, and last but not least, at the conclusion of the event, all AGH Soldiers will enjoy a photo shoot with Chad Calek, Justin Holstein and Joe Ansley on board the BRING OUT YOUR DEAD TOUR bus!

If you are interested in being a local AGH Soldier for our BRING OUT YOUR DEAD TOUR, please log into your facebook account and friend Justin at  and send a message with what city you are submitting to be an AGH Soldier and we will message you back if you're selected to be one of our AGH Soldiers!