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As an award-winning filmmaker that's successfully navigated the shark-filled waters of the entertainment business for over two decades, Chad Calek provides the overall vision, voice and creative direction for 100 percent of the products released by AGH Television. In addition, Calek is also the driving force behind AGH TV's unique "grassroots" approach to marketing and promotion, as Calek's belief in the power of social media, combined with his passion for the sincerity created by face to face interaction with fans and supporters, has played a defining role in establishing AGH Television as not only an independent film and distribution company, but as a full-fledged "entertainment" company, that since its inception in 2011, has hosted over 280 live touring events in the United States, Canada and Australia.


As a world traveler, a collector of memorabilia, a paranormal enthusiast and a fan of the arts, Thomas Lee Bottom is a unique individual, to say the least. As a native Texan, Bottom's past successes in the world of finance and investments has allowed him the financial freedom to do with his life whatever he chooses. But unlike others who have been fortunate enough to find themselves in the same position, Bottom chooses to give back in an extremely unique fashion. As an avid supporter of independent music and film, Bottom is constantly scouting the world for innovative independent artists with a trademark style that deserve the chance to be seen and heard. In addition to attending live events in the U.S. and abroad, as a firm believer in the power of social media, Bottom is also extremely active in the online space. In fact, to date, Bottom has financially backed 45 different independent film and music projects. Bottom's belief is in "fostering" talent, rather than "flipping" it, sets him a part from the pack as a true angel investor. 

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