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Hello, my friends.

If you've been following me on social media or if you're a subscriber to the IN A CROWDED ROOM PODCAST, you probably already know that the release dates for the forthcoming PHANTOM RIDER: THE PRELUDE TO PALEFACE documentary and the 74 MINUTES documentary have been rescheduled to a slightly later time due to several extremely important events that have unfolded over the last two months. But for anyone who may be unaware, I just wanted to make an official announcement to make sure everyone understands what is going on, as the most important thing to understand is that these are your movies, which the delay only serves to make these documentaries much more powerful that I had initially anticipated.

As an indepenent filmmaker, there's no secret as to how we make our money. It's simple... we sell films directly to our fans. With that being said, nobody gains financially more than I do from releasing my films. So if I'm choosing to push the release dates, the ONLY reason I would do so is because with more time, there will be a substantial difference in the final edit, which I am NOT willing to give you a film that is not the very best that it could be. With that being the case, the following events led to the rescheduling of the release dates for PHANTOM RIDER and 74 MINUTES.

• First off, PHANTOM RIDER required addition filming due to a situation that unfolded a little over a month ago, in which a very powerful Executive Producer contacted me after watching SIR NOFACE and TWO FACE: THE GREY, in which he wanted to review the raw materials that we had documented to confirm for himself that the ongoing investigation was legitimate.

In response, I immediately scheduled a meeting so that he may review not only the raw materials of our past documentaries, but also the raw materials that will be presented in PHANTOM RIDER. After reviewing, he was floored by what we had uncovered, in which on the spot, he offered to help us gain not only North American distribution, but worldwide distribution on a massive scale, as he shares our belief that as soon as possible, as many people as humanly possible need to see what has unintentionally become the SIR NOFACE, TWO FACE, PHANTOM RIDER and PALEFACE "docuseries".

Furthermore, since the battle to inform the public of the truth we've uncovered represents such an important part of this story, and since major distribution also represents a degree of safety for Craig and his family, as well as for myself, he also agreed to allow us to document the process of attempting to gain massive worldwide distribution, which was a huge opportunity for PHANTOM RIDER, as typically the camera is never allowed "behind the scenes" to document this aspect of independent filmmaking. So with this being the case, we began additional filming on July 29th and wrapped on August 11th, which leaves only three more days of filming, which is currently slated for August 26th-28th.

• In addition, three weeks ago, the man we all know simplye as DANIEL DAVID SKYFALL presented me with some truly jaw-dropping documents that I'm incredibly excited to include in the PHANTOM RIDER documentary, as you will be absolutely blown away by the information unveiled within these documents. But what I can also tell you is that there is NO POSSIBLE WAY that I can release these documents unless I have absolute legal assurance that I won't get into any legal trouble by releasing this information to the public, as I'm not the person making the statements within these documents. I'm merely a documentarian that's offering newsworthy information to the public via a third party source.

With this in mind, I'm also proud to announce that I have found a very credible attorney who can help me through this process, which in addition to reviewing the documents I've been given, once the film is complete, in order to ensure that I'm legally protected within the limits of the constitution, he'll need some additional time to review the method in which I present the information within the documentary. But please understand that this is not something I can skip or bypass. I have to be certain that I am legally protected.

• And last, but not least, as of two months ago, a family member of mine that I deeply love has unfortunately fallen victim to a medical condition that is about as merciless and unfair as anything that I've ever before witnessed. Also, to be crystal clear, I'm not withholding this person's identity or details of their condition to be "mysterious" in any capacity, but rather to honor their request of privacy, as this person has a tremendous amount of pride and integrity, in which the last thing they would want is for anyone to pity them.

In fact, beyond my belief in the power of prayer and strength in numbers, I'm only sharing this much with all of you because as my family, friends, fans and supporters, I feel you're all entitled to know that due to the emotional effects brought on by this unfortunate tragedy, the editing process of both PHANTOM RIDER and the forthcoming 74 MINUTES documentary (which both are being edited simultaneously) has been a bit slower than I anticipated. As much as I want to pretend that I can just press a putton and become an emotionless piece of iron... that's not who I am. I don't know how to get off the phone on a daily basis after hearing horrific news that literally rips my soul apart, only to jump into an edit session as though nothing's wrong.

Also, it's important to me that you all know that I'm not sharing any of this information because I want you to feel bad for me, as my sadness isn't even comparable to what my family member is going though, as their life has become a groundhog's day of suffering.

So please know that no matter what, even if the editing process takes a little more time than it has in the past, I will continue to press forward, as if there's one thing that would cause my family member additional pain, it would be if I did not accomplish my goals due to this situation, as this person has always demonstrated through their actions that no matter how hard things get in life, you never give up. You never give in. At all costs, you keep moving forward until you accomplish your goals. So if there's one thing under my control that I can do to honor them, it would be to find a way to cope with the situation and keep moving forward... which is exactly what I'm doing.


74 MINUTES - MARCH 8TH, 2020

Also, as I mentioned above, please note that I'm editing both films at once, as I always prefer to go "back and forth" between edits, rather than finishing one film and then starting another, as doing so (for me) prevents getting an "editor's block". So as it stands right now, both films are about 3/4 complete. This means that the additional time required is about nailing the endings of both films, which the ending is the last thing that should ever be rushed, especially when it comes to my films.


If you follow my work, you all know that my documentaries are 100 percent REAL. I do not script or outline anything. I do not start a film knowing the ending. I simply tell the story as it unfolds. That is the "magic" to my method, as life's unexpected detours, creations and deviations provide my films with the REALITY that true documentary fans seek. I know this, because just like you, I'm also a fan of documentaries are well. Even with 74 MINUTES, which has A TON of historical survery, as you will all see, there's stil a very important "real time" element to the film that is incredibly important. And at the same time, PHANTOM RIDER is the closest thing to a "real time" documentary that you will ever see. In short, my documentaries look and feel different from other documentaries for a reason...  in a world where just about anything can be called a "documentary", my films are REAL documentaries that chronicle REAL event as they happen. In order to deliver that level of honesty, you have to accept from the beginning that things are going to go in directions you never anticipated. So if it takes a little longer to finish a film of mine, you can bet your life that that's a POSITIVE thing... not a negative thing.

So as I mentined above, please understand that moving these release dates is about making sure YOUR movies are the best they can be, rather than just "cashing in" with a product that is "good enough".

I could just sew up PHANTOM RIDER with a few quick edits and call it "good enough" without the additional footage and info/documents/photos that Skyfall recently sent. And at the same time, I could also sew up 74 MINUTES with a quick voice over montage and call it "good enough", despite the fact that I know the edit needs more time, creative direction and attention to reach it's potential of becoming the best "ghost hunting" documentary ever made.

But again... I don't make films that are merely "good enough" to get paid.

I make films because I truly want to change the world with my work.

Whether that goal is possible or not... that is my goal.

So when it comes to making YOUR movies (as my films are for you), if pushing the release date back means that you'll get a movie that is substantially better than if I released the film on the initially scheduled release date, I'm always going to choose to push the release date, as I don't see the value in simply saying, "regardless of how good this movie is... I made it in a set amount of time."

The only thing that matters when it comes to filmmaking is that you receive what you paid for... whcih is the best possible versions of my work.

Thank you all for your interest, excitement and understanding, my friends.

Without your support, none of this is possible.

All the best.

- Chad Calek

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